10 days in the desert of MDS, 6th race of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour

10 days in the desert of Marathon des Sables, 6th race of Ultra-Trail® World Tour



10 days in the desert, 8 nights in a bivouac next to the camels and 250k on the burning sand … Runners of the 32nd edition of Marathon des Sables will remember for a long time of this crazy but unbelievable experience. At the end, the fifth time winner Rachid EL MORABITY is once again holding the trophy of Marathon des Sables and Elisabet BARNES wins for the second time.


A magnificent battle between women:


Athletes of the Marathon des Sables made the show during ten days in the desert. The favorites held their positions and surpass themselves to offer a beautiful event.


Alexis Berg

Alexis Berg


Elisabet BARNES (SWE) showed her experience on the Marathon des Sables this year. After her victory in 2015, she came powering down he race by winning the first three stages with a large lead in front of Nathalie MAUCLAIR (FRA) and Fernanda MACIEL (BRA), her two main competitors.


Elisabet could have continued her domination but the first of the UTWT World Ranking wanted to win the king event of the Marathon des Sables in 80 kilometers and she did it just in front of Elisabet.


But despite her determination and her courage, this victory will not be enough for Nathalie to win the Marathon des Sables and she came second in front of Fernanda MACIEL, Emilie LECOMTE (FRA) and Mélanie ROUSSET. Elisabet BARNES brings back, for the second time, the title in Sweden.


El Morabity’s family at the top of Marathon des Sables:


In the El Morabity family, I give you the two brothers. To run 250 kilometers in six stages, they know how to do. To run in the oppressive heat of the Morocco, they know how to do. Tu run in the sand of the Sahara Desert, they know how to do. It is therefore perfectly natural that Rachid and Mohamed EL MORABITY were successful on the Marathon des Sables.


But there is only one winner and despite the victory of Mohamed on the first stage, Rachid has quickly showed his superiority by winning the four last stages. He is also the winner for the fifth time of the Marathon des Sables in front of his little brother and in front of Thomas EVANS (GBR), the revelation of this event.


We will too remember the beautiful 9th place of Andrew SYMONDS, UTWT support for this race.


Review of the race:


On this 32nd edition of the Marathon des Sables, the sandy dunes of the Moroccan Sahara gave an enthusiasm welcome to the 1200 participants. The runners, in cohabitation with camels, benefited from a unique experience, which will remain forever in their memories. Review of this race: courage, abnegation, good mood, joy, cries, a lot of soreness and finally a great SMILE on the face of each finisher.


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