100 Miles of Istria- Official Race Report


The three best runners racing at the 100 mile race (170km) crossed the finish line in time better than the old record, a new record was set for the race at 110 km as well as a record in the number of registered runners and participating countries.


Umag, April 16 2016 – The fourth edition of the “100 Miles of Istria” fulfilled the announcements and expectations to be the best and biggest edition so far. The longest of the four ultra races at this three-day racing spectacle, the race at a hundred miles (170km), was finished by the first three runners in time faster than the old record.


The winner of the prestigious 100 mile race is the Austrian Thomas Wagner, who ran the 170 km long race from Labin to Umag, through Učka, Ćićarija and the whole Istrian interior, in the unbelievable 19 hours, 49 minutes and 43 seconds! That’s almost 42 minutes faster than the old record (20h31’39), set by the American Jay Aldous in 2014. This year, Jay finished the race in third place, 6 minutes faster than his old record (20h25’24). Ahead of him, on the second place, arrived the Slovenian Toni Vencelj (20h19’55).

The best Croatian “hundred-miler” was excellent Ivan Blečić, who crossed the finish line at eighth position, in 22 hours, 11 minutes and 18 seconds.

In the very strong women’s 100 mile race, the winner was Fracesca Canepa (24h12’22). The Italian runner didn’t break her last year’s record, but successfully defended the title, ahead of two big rivals, Julia Boettger from Germany and Denise Bourassa from the USA.

This year the race “100 Miles of Istria” is included in the elite group of only 18 prestigious international races involved in the Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT), a kind of Champions League of ultra trail racing. That fact attracted more runners, so that the four races of different lengths (a hundred miles, 110 km, 69 km and 42 km) had a total number of 1200 registered runners from 40 participating countries.


With excellent organization and hospitality combined with a beautiful and technically demanding route, the 100 miles of Istria justified the trust given to the event by the most important duo of world ultra trail scene, Catherine and Michel Poletti, when they included it in the UTWT. The French couple came to Istria as representatives of the UTWT and ITRA, the International Trail Running Association, and were very pleased with the event.


“I would say that this is a reward for the effort of all the people involved in the organization, although our success is mostly measured by smiles of runners and other participants. We are delighted with the number of attending runners and the echo of the event in Croatia and abroad, as well as with the fact that Croatia is finally being recognized as a world known trail destination”, said Alen Paliska, the director of the race.

Although we already know the winners of the 100 mile race, we are still waiting for other runners to cross the finish-line in Umag, by 4:00 PM this Sunday, which is the final deadline for finishing the race. Meanwhile, on Sunday morning, the waterfront of Umag hosted two short races accompanying the 6th Sport’s Fair: the 1 mile Ledo kids race and the 5km race for friends and supporters of 100 Miles of Istria.


100 miles (170  km) race:

Men Women
1. Thomas Wagner (AUT) 19h49’43
2. Toni Vencelj (SLO) 20h19’55”
3. Jay Aldous (USA) 20h25’24”
1. Francesca Canepa (ITA) 24h12’22

2. Julia Boettger (GER) 24h54’52

3. Denise Bourassa (USA) 25h06’57


110 km race:

Men Women
1. Petr Zakovsky (CZE) 11h57’33

2. Alister Bignell (SUI) 12h00’00

3. Marek Causidis (CZE) 12h23’26

1. Jelena Brezak (CRO) 15h59’11

2. Sanja Mladenović (CRO) 16h43’57

3. Olga Puchkareva (CZE) 16h51’41


69 km race:

Men Women
1. Sebastian Fuchs (GER) 6h31’06

2. Marc Boivin (CAN) 6h39’39

3. Mahmut Yavuz (TUR) 6h57’59

1. Ajda Radinja (SLO) 6h35’47

2. Anita Waiss (AUT) 7h51’09

3. Genevieve Beaudoin (CAN) 8h07’30


42 km race:

Men Women
1. Igor Yovanovitch Gil (ESP) 3h42’35

2. Boštjan Vilčnik (SLO) 4h00’51

3. Kristijan Zrinić (CRO) 4h21:27

1. Stephanie Manivoz (FRA) 3h59’49

2. Hristina Kozareva-Leikeb (BUL) 4h05’49

3. Marija Trontelj (SLO) 4h18’47


You can find more information on the race at the official web page oft he race, and the results you can follow live on www.stotinka.hr .
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