A world-class week at UTMB®

A world-class week at UTMB®

After big emotions, it is time for Ultra-Trail® World tour to assess of this unbelievable week at UTMB®. With the Salon Ultra-Trail®, the 3-member races of the series (the TDS®, the CCC® and the UTMB®), the amazing atmosphere of the event and the UTWT annual meeting, Ultra-Trail® World Tour lived a wonderful week. Overview on UTMB®, the inescapable meeting of trail running.


Memories of a tremendous week:


From August 28th to September 4th 2017, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour news was intense. In Chamonix, we could see an atmosphere of trail running with the fans cruising the streets of the city. So the Ultra-Trail® World Tour was delighted with the warm and festive ambiance of the week and with this memorable UTMB®.


We will keep in mind the thousands of spectators came to applaud the starts of TDS®, CCC® and UTMB®. We will keep in mind the emotion of the last finishers crossing the finish line. And finally, we will keep in mind these athletes, who have not cease to be strong and brave despite the rough weather to offer a wonderful show to the supporters. Congratulations to them.


The Ultra-Trail® World Tour meetings:


Salon Ultra-Trail®:

Energy, good spirit and enthusiasm, everything was here at the Ultra-Trail® World Tour village this year with ten UTWT races. Giant races map, finishers medals and athletes signing sessions, the schedule of UTWT was rich this year on the Salon Ultra-Trail® and it attracted growing public interest.




UTWT brunch at Babel Bar:

At the Babel Bar, Ultra-Trail® World Tour with the races organizers has given some precious information to the media. The comeback of Ultra-Trail® Mt. Fuji and the presentation of the only race in South America (the Patagonia Run) was scheduled at this brunch. Be there at the end of September for the official announcement of the 2018’s calendar.


The UTWT annual meeting to wrap up the week:

After a long walk in the Italian mountains, the UTWT races organizers and the UTWT representatives met together to deal with the issues of the competition and to offer you the best of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour every year.



Outstanding races for exceptional athletes:


The TDS® or the champions race:

The travel of the UTWT competition started Wednesday 30 August at 6AM with the start of the TDS®. After 119 kilometers, the big Michel LANNE (1st of the CCC® 2016) take the victory in front of Antoine GUILLON and Sylvain CAMUS finishing hand in hand for the second place. The 10th place at scratch of Mimmi KOTKA is a rare event that it deserves mention. She wins the competition on the women side in front of Maud GOBERT (FRA) and Ildiko WERMESCHER (GER).


The CCC® or the Americans throne:

Then the UTWT competition continued its travel along the paths of the CCC® with a start at 9AM the Friday 1st September. Clare GALLAGHER and Hayden HAWKS brought honor to the United States by winning the “little sister of UTMB®” after 101 kilometers under an ardent rain.


The UTMB® or the giant’s consecration:

To the wonderfully atmospheric music of Vangelis, the competition was back the Friday 1st September at 6.30PM. A rare moment with a lot of exceptional athletes on the UTMB® start line. At the end of the race, Nuria PICAS, the Spanish athlete, make the difference on the women side. She looked forward this title and after 170 kilometers and she barely won in front of Andrea HUSER (SUI) received by the public with an unbelievable atmosphere in the Chamonix streets. Christelle BARD, the French women, completed the podium with a great finish in the city.

On the men side, the battle should be tough and it was the case. Despite a thunderous start of the American, Jim WALMSLEY, François D’HAENE resisted to his competitors and he finished the race at the first place. He crossed the finish line in front of the famous Kilian JORNET – found someone stronger than him – and Tim TOLLEFSON, who showed his perseverance to win a place on the podium.



Trail runners - UTMB

Credit Photo : Lloyd Belcher



An upset UTWT Annual Ranking:


Our Annual Ranking was amended following these three wonderful races with surprises, consistencies, new entrants, and comebacks.


Let’s start with the women. Nuria PICAS-ALBETS takes the lead of the 2017 Annual Ranking thanks to her victory at the Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultramarathon in January and her victory to the UTMB®. Andrea HUSER is now at the second place of the Ranking with a beautiful beginning of the season: 2nd at Transgrancanaria HG and at UTMB® and 1st at MIUT and Eiger Ultra-Trail®. Mélanie ROUSSET loses her first place at the UTWT Annual Ranking but she can be proud of her provisional third place. She shared the competition with the best athletes thanks to her 3rd place at Transgrancanaria HG and her 5th place at Marathon des Sables.


On the men side, François D’HAENE takes the first place of the Ranking with an impeccable UTWT season. 1st at MIUT and at UTMB® is making a strong comeback this year and the 2014 UTWT champion find his leader seat again. Pau CAPELL, the Spanish, loses the first place but he makes the difference with Tomas EVANS, the newcomer, thanks to his 1st place at Transgrancanaria HG and his 6th place at UTMB®. Furthermore, the British creates the surprise for his first UTWT season with his 3rd place at Marathon des Sables and his 4th place at CCC®. Great sign for the next.


Find the full Annual Ranking here

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