A very intense October 2018

A very intense October

During this past month, we attended the 19th and 20th races of the Ultra-trail® World Tour 2018. As well as three Discovery races.


Salomon Cappadocia Ultra-trail®

It is in an idyllic landscape, magical even, that we arrive in Cappadocia. The race takes place along the fairy chimneys and unique valleys of Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The decor puts us directly in the mood of the race: It will be magical.

And for good reason, international runners represent 45% of the total number of participants, including 30% of the runners of whom, are women! A very good performance for these ladies who are more and more present, and rockin’ these kinds of events.

The 119 km race is completed by the fastest, Andrea MACCHI, in 11:12, the Italian native is the big winner of the Salomon Cappadocia Ultra-trail 2018. 19 minutes separate him from Marcus SCOTNEY.

As for the women, it is Maria MITEVA NIKOLOVA who imposed herself, she arrives in 13:14, followed by Kalanova ALEXANDRA, who arrives only 11 minutes after her.


Ladies’ Podium:
???? Maria MITEVA NIKOLOVA – 13:14:29
???? Kalanova ALEXANDRA – 13:25:28
???? Francesca CANEPA – 13:42:15

Men’s Podium:
???? Andrea MACCHI – 11:12:34
???? Marcus SCOTNEY – 11:31:34
???? Harry JONES – 12:18:40


Javelina Jundred Endurance Run


Javelina Jundred is the 20th race of the Ultra-trail® World Tour 2018. Once again, this year, she flaunted its inner-child’s soul and those of the participants, who keep growing from year to year, played the game and came dressed up to celebrate Halloween at the same time!

Another fact, in keeping up with the spirit of the race, is both exceptional and crazy. A 15-year-old boy entered this crazy 100-mile race and finished it in 25 hours!

In the men’s locker, Patrick REAGAN, winner of the year 2017 makes his comeback stronger than ever, and finishes the race this year again, in 13h42. He was also able to maintained a large lead over second place, Dave STEVENS who arrives almost 2 hours later, at 15h39.

On the woman side, it is Darcy PICEU who stood out. She finishes the race in 18h49. Followed not too far behind by Dana ANDERSON, who finishes the race in 19h31, and Tonya KEYES taking the 3rd place with a time of 19h50.
Congratulations to them.

Women podium :
???? Darcy Piceu 18:49:06
???? Dana Anderson 19:31:14
???? Tonya Keyes 19:50:53

Men podium :
???? Patrick Reagan 13:42:59
???? Dave Stevens 15:39:33
???? Kenneth Hawkes 16:22:09


The Discovery

ULTRA-TRAIL® LEMKOWYNA, October 13, 2018, ULTRA-TRAIL NINGHAI, October 14-15, 2018 and TRANS JEJU October 20, 2018.
Those were the 3 discoveries that took place during the month of October.
So much to say that those who followed really discovered something!



– First stop, Poland, and the Ultra-trail® LEMKOWYNA. This 150 km trail with about 5.860 m + takes place in the Beskid Niski Mountains in the south-east of Poland.

Women’s  podium:
????Gosia Pazda Pozorska 20:24:38
????Justyna Gwizdak 21:34:10
????Marta Naczyk 21:37:23

Men’s podium:
????Jendrych Artur (17:02:44)
????Rembiasz Marcin (17:28:01)
????Vit Otevřel (17:30:25)..




– Then, we fly to Asia to the Ultra-Trail NINGHA, during the weekend of October 14. The route of this race is part of the Ninghai Trails Network, the first national network of hiking trails in China. With its 100 km and 5.260 M+, this race offers beautiful landscapes.

Women’s podium:
???? Xie Wenfei, Time: 15:35:35
???? Yang Jun, Time: 16:58:18
???? Li Shuyi, Time: 17:17:55

Men’s podium:
???? Yan Longfei, Time: 10:47:56
???? Xie Bin, Time: 11:24:50
???? Li Ke, Time: 12:15:08



– Finally, for this last stop, still in Asia and we find ourselves in South Korea for the TRANS JEJU. 111 km and 4200 M+ through the island of Jeju, which is part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage.
A sight for sore eyes!

Women’s podium:
????Japanese Kanaka Edamoto, Time 16:42:19
????Eunsook Park, Time 16:58:31
???? Kanna SUZUKI, Time 18:52:40

Men’s podium:
???? Chaigneau SEBASTIEN, Time 11:33:34
???? Takashi DOI, Time 12:02:44
???? Kazuyuki TAKAHASHI – Amiru, Time 13:08:20


Ranking & races of the UTWT 2018


These are the provisional podiums of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2018 after these last two races in October.

Men’s provisional podium:
– CAPELL Pau with 1865 points
– GAMITO Jordi with 1571 points
– QJ Min avec with points

Women’s provisional podium:
– YAO Miao with 1865 points
– CANEPA Francesca with 1700 points
– WOLF Kelly tied with 1700 points
– DAUWALTER Courtney tied with 1700 points

Only one race left before the end of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2018 circuit and before the awards ceremony!

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