mozart 100




What an incredible week-end we had at mozart 100! The race started last saturday at 5 am in Salzburg, Austria. Weather conditions were tough. It was very hot and at the end of the day there was a big storm.


The race was very tight for both women and men. Quicly, Pau Capell and Andris Ronimoiss took the lead. They ran together for a big part of the race. Eventualy, Pau took the lead and distanced himself from Andris who then was ten minutes behind him. Andris was not able to catch him but he did an amazing race. The Austrian Gerald Sancho Fister finished at the third place of mozart 100 welcomed by Austrian supporters. Thus, for the third time this year, Pau Capell wins an UTWT’s race! Which will be the next one? Unfortunately, Obara Masatoshi was disqualified from the race because he went the wrong way.


On the women’s side, the Turkish women Aysen was in front most of the time. Sally Mcrae and Colette Coumans ran a long part of the race together. The two women supported each other. In the end, Sally left Colette alone and managed to catch up the first woman Aylen. Thus, Sally arrived first, 3 minutes before Aysen. Colette finished at the third position and was welcomed by the American with a big hug. Congratulations ladies!



Men’s Podium


🥇 Pau Capell – 10:54:47


🥈 Andris Ronimoiss – 11:05:19


🥉 Gerald Sancho Fister – 11:49:52



Women’s Podium


🥇 Sally McRae – 14:38:59


🥈 Aysen Solak – 14:42:26


🥉 Colette Coumans – 14:49:11



mozart 100 was once again great! Congratulations to everyone who ran the race!



Salomon Ultra-Trail® Hungary




Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary took place at Szentendre in Hungary on June 9th. This race is part of the Discovery races. UTWT Discovery races are not part of the competition. Runners participating to these races do not get points for the Rankings.



Men’s Podium



🥇 Tamas Belus – 12:54


🥈 Ferenc Madarasz – 13:08


🥉 Gabor Nyakas – 13:11



Women’s Podium



🥇 Noémi Janek – 15:03


🥈 Eszter Csillag 15:06


🥉 Kata Kertész 15:09



The race was very tight, congratulations to every runners!

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