Bellissimo Lavaredo Ultra-Trail

“Che è bello !” The North Face Lavaredo Ultra-Trail is of stunning beauty !


Last week, 24th June, several hundreds participants, coming from all over the world,  ran accross the most spectacular places of the Dolomites : The Cristallo, the Tofane, Cinque Torri, and of course the Tre Cime.


Huser and Symonds at the top

Andrea Huser (SWI) and Andy Symonds (GBR) won the 10th edition of Italian famous Lavaredo Ultra Trail (119km and 5850m+), 9th stage of the Ultra-Trail World Tour.  


Andrea Huser, finishes the race in 14:32:39, 19th time in the scratch. She leaves Uxue Fraile-Azpeitia, from Spain, about 45min behind.  The Brazilian, Fernanda Maciel, take the 3rd in 15:20:57.


Uxule Fraile Fernanda Maciel

Uxue Fraile and Fernanda Maciel

Symonds triumph after 12h15′  of effort,  and gives himself a new prestigious victory.Gediminas Grinuis, the Lituanian rock, takes second in 12:23:06, with only 8min of delay on the British. And Javier Dominguez, right behind takes the 3rd and finishes in 12:36:45.
The French world champion Sylvain Court has a deserved position, with the 4th place.


Andy Symonds- Gediminas - Javier Dominguez

Top 3 men: Grinuis, Symonds, Dominguez




  1. Andrea Huser (SWI) / 14:32:39
  2. Uxue Fraile (SPA) / 15:13:09
  3. Fernanda Maciel (BRA) / 15:20:57
  4. Cristiana Follador (ITA) / 16:30:37
  5. Marie Mcnaughton (NZL) / 16:38:14


  1. Andy Symonds (UK) / 12:15:04
  2. Gediminas Grinius (LTU) / 12:23:06 
  3. Javier Dominguez (SPA)/ 12:36:45
  4. Sylavain Court (FRA) / 12:53:04
  5. Scotty Hawker (NZL) / 13:00:37


Find all the results on their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


Thank you to all participants, volunteers and organizers !



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