Direction MIUT and Penyagolosa Trails for Ultra-Trail® World Tour

Direction MIUT and Penyagolosa Trails for Ultra-Trail® World Tour


Focus on Europe for the 7th and 8th races of Ultra-Trail® World Tour. In Portugal, the Madeira Island Ultra-Trail promises a great competition thanks to an impressive list of Elite athletes and in Spain, the new UTWT race will offer some breathtaking scenery in the heart of the Penyagolosa natural parc.


MIUT: an Elite plateau never equaled in this race before:


The event of MIUT is plainly unbelievable this year. Many of the best ultra-trailers in the world will take on this Saturday, April 22nd in Madeira Island. From Gediminas GRINIUS (1st at the UTWT World Ranking) to François D’HAENE (2nd at the UTWT World Ranking) including Pau CAPELL, the male competition promises to be exciting.


No less than five athletes of the UTWT World Ranking TOP10 answered the call of MIUT to make this race a decisive meeting. This includes for example, Erik CLAVERY (5th at the UTWT World Ranking) and Javier DOMINGUEZ (6th at the UTWT World Ranking). They are all the direct competitors for the two best in the world. Gediminas and François will be challenged too by the return of Xavier THEVENARD. Indeed, he has the physical capabilities to win this race as a result of his victories on the circuit.


Other runners are favorites as well thanks to their experiences and thanks to their very good results at the beginning of the year. Vaidas ZLABYS (LTU) is impressive since his second place at Transgrancanaria HG. The Lithuanian is in good shape and can surprise his competitors. As well as Daniel JUNG (ITA) and Sébastien CHAIGNEAU (FRA), who are well established on the Ultra-Trail World Tour.


On the women side, the start list is very interesting as well thanks to the presence of Andréa HUSER (3rd at the UTWT World Ranking), who already make a remarkable season with her second place at Transgrancanaria HG. On this race, she will take on Lisa BORZANI (ITA) and Beth PASCALL (GBR), two talented athletes.


In Spain, Penyagolosa Trails welcomes very good runners:


They are four athletes with an impressive record and they are four athletes, who hope a title in Spain for Penyagolosa Trails. Ildiko WERMESHER must be considered as favorite on this unbelievable race. 9th at the UTWT World Ranking, her main competitor is Francesca CANEPA (ITA), the last winner of 100 Miles of Istria two weeks ago. Watch Mercedes PILA (ECU) and Gemma ARENAS (SPA), who can aspire to victory.


On the men side, two runners stand out. Didrik HERMANSEN (NOR) and Timothy OLSON (USA) will be the major favorites of the race this Saturday, April 22nd. The 3rd at the UTWT World Ranking has good chances on this race and Timothy OLSON can be strong thanks to his experience. A great battle is expected with also the presence of Ose KAZUFUMI (27th at the UTWT World Ranking).


How follow the races?


On MIUT’s Facebook account and Twitter account, there will have information on the race in live.


On Penyagolosa Trails Facebook account and Twitter account, follow the race in live.


Please visit our Facebook account and Twitter account to follow the results of the two races.


Don’t forget our media partners on these races: I Run Far’s Twitter account, Trails Endurance Mag’s Twitter account and Dogsorcaravan’s Twitter account.


Good luck to all the runners!


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