Discover the wonderful Mozart 100® with Josef Mayerhofer

Josef MAYERHOFER presents you Mozart 100® Salzburg Running Festival


A few weeks before the Mozart 100®, 8th stage of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour and 2nd Future Race this year, organized in Salzburg, Josef Mayerhofer, race’s director, took a couple minutes to answer a few questions in a special UTWT interview.


UTWT : “Hi Josef, could you introduce the Mozart 100® ? Why did you create the race ?”

Josef : “Mozart 100® was created out of my passion for ultra trail running. I had participated in several international events in the desert, in the Himalayan and in the jungle. The Nature experience was key for me. I wanted to create a professional running event of international format in my home town of Salzburg.”


UTWT : “What about the proposed route ? “

Josef : “The route is very varied and beautiful: country roads, paths and trails with approx. 3.000 meters of elevation. Tough but no climbing.”


UTWT : “What is the profile of the runners who participate in your event ?” 
Josef : “We have the whole variety of runners: experienced ultra trailers and novices to trail and ultra running.”
UTWT : “The arrival seems to be an exceptional moment, would you have a special memory of that moment ?

Josef : “For me every finish a tearful and joyful moment.”


UTWT : “It is often said that a good organizer is someone able to feel emotion’s runners, what do you think ?”

Josef : “The challenge is to create an unforgetable and unique experience for the participants. That requires both, knowing runners’ needs and being an excellent organizer and marketer.”


UTWT : “Final question : what advice would you give to the participants ?”

Josef : “Enjoy every minute!”


Thank you Josef ! We can’t wait to assist the race june 18th !

Green paths of the Mozart 100® - ©Michi Luipersbeck

Green paths of the Mozart 100® – ©Michi Luipersbeck


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