Eiger Ultra Trail, still fresh

The 9th stage of the Ultra-Trail World Tour takes us through the Bernese Alps with the Eiger Ultra-Trail 2016 !


For this 2016 edition of the Eiger Ultra Trail , conditions are very  fresh, landscapes are stunning, and the route is difficult.  Departure is from Grindenwald the 16th  July at 4:30 am while summits are still covered in snow, especially in the famous passage of Faulhorn.
The playgrounds is exceptional and a lot of elite athletes are present on the starting line. Urs Jenzer, Francesca Canepa, Andrea Huser, Cyril Cointre, Sangé SherpaJordi Gamito-Baus, Freddy Thevenin, Erik Clavery, Ildiko Wermescher, Ueli Steck, and much more, are ready to confront the challenge !


Eiger Ultra-Trail 2016 – landscape

Diego Pazos, win the race, after his victory in the recent 80km of the Marathon du Mont-Blanc, achieving a new feat. He has been running in head all the way long, 101 km for 6700m+ before crossing the finish line after 11h39min.


Behind the Swiss trail runner, Mathias Dippacher takes the 2nd in 12h04′, followed by the spanish Jordi Gamito-Baus in 12ho8′.


Arnaud Lejeune realize also a beautiful race, taking the 4th in 12h18′.


Cyril Cointre is closing the circle, wrapping up his 12th stage of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour taking the 10th position at the Eiger Ultra-Trail.


Diego Pazos – winner of the Eiger Ultra-Trail in 11:39:11

Among women , it’s the favorite, Andra Huser who win the race in 13h09′. Kathrin Götz takes the 2nd, 30min behind and the french, Juliette Blanchet, the 3rd in 13h43′.

Andrea Huser - dans la descente enneigée depuis Faulhorn

Andrea Huser – in the descent from Faulhorn


Top 3 Male :
1. Pazos Diego,11:39.11
2. Dippacher Mathias,12:04.34
3. Gamito-Baus Jordi,12:08.01

Top 3 Female :
1. Huser Andrea, 13:09.38
2. Götz Kathrin,13:39.22
3. Blanchet Juliette, 13:43.32


Find out all the results here.


More details on the Press release Eiger Ultra Trail 2016


More information on the Eiger Ultra-Trail website.


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Thanks to all the participants and see you next year !

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