Elite inside #10 with Antoine Guillon

Antoine Guillon gets a superb victory at the 2015 Diagonale des Fous, he gives us his feelings:


UTWT : How are you a day after this beautiful race ? What about your finger you broke during the race ?
Antoine Guillon : That’s fine. They immobilized my finger, I’ve got a huge bandade but it’s not too serious.

UTWT : After a nigh to recover, what feeling came into your mind about your race ?
AG : That was surprising. Definitively not comfortable to lead the race all that time, I had to manage the guys behind me. We had no real news on the field and It was not possible to slow down. You need to push hard all the time !

UTWT : Did you plan that strategy to lead the race ? We had the impression that you had decided to work hard during the race.
AG : That was open, I was confident it could be my turn. I really wanted to get the title which was one of my biggest challenge of the year ; I knew also I could get also something on the UTWT; That is why I decided to push hard. I was really surprised to get the first place without fighting that much.

UTWT : How can you explain this situation ?
AG : I think I was really well acclimatized to altitude. Up to 2000m I ran almost all the time, something I had never done in previous years. If you compare my perfomance (24:17) to my score 25:58 I did 2 years ago on the same track, I spare more than one hour ! I attacked more and I did not lower my guard.

UTWT : Which goes to show we learn from ourselves at any age ! Does it gives you new perspectives ?
AG : For sure I will maybe think in a different way, that is the proof I can do better.

UTWT : Here the passion is everywhere, what was your feeling about the permanent presence of the media on the track ?
AG : For sure they were quite with us all the time. I loved being fanned by helicopters during the climb of Taïbit. Having a helicopter following you because you’re leading the race boosts you, you can also understand when you hear the machine below that others are not far behind that we should not relent. You’re so rushed at aid stations I almost left without water at Chemin Ratineau. I answered the questions and I almost forgot to fill my water bottle. I’m mindful of the media and they are doing a great job to promote our sport.

UTWT : You already know you won 2 awards in one run: La Diagonale des Fous victory for the first time and UTWT Champion’s title. So you are going to pick your trophy in Paris November 5 at the awards ceremony?
AG : I do not know yet because normally I planned a trip to Martinique; I do not think it would be at this period there but at the same time I do not think I‘ll break a finger that may prevent me from running. We will think about it and take a decision very quickly.

UTWT : Fingers crossed you will come ! Do you already know if you will defend your itle of UTWT Champion in 2016 ?
AG : Of course, we already have planned the next season. In principle, I will run Transgrancanaria, Madeira and La Diagonale des Fous.

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