Elite Inside #11 with Nuria Picas

Nuria Picas’ reactions after her Diagonale des Fous and UTWT victory:


UTWT: What do you think about your race yesterday ? what was your feeling ?
Nuria Picas: I felt really good, I was confident with my performance because I knew that was the last opportunity to win the Ultra-Trail World Tour. So I was very strong in my mind and physically I had to train a lot during this month I felt confident and I’m happy with the result.

UTWT: That was your first time here ? Were you stressed about this race ?
Nuria: If I was stressed ? No for me it was a surprise. I was talking with my coach and we said together, ok this is a surprise we don’t know nothing about the track, just start the race, enjoy and have good feelings. This is the way to stay in front, for sure.

UTWT: Fine. and what about Emilie ?
Nuria: Emilie it was also a surprise for me because she went very very fast, pushing her race. It was an amazing surprise. A good runner, she is a really good long runner.

UTWT: Did you know she won twice here. She got 2 titles here ?
Nuria: Oh! she knew very well the track! This is good because I got lost in one part of the track. it was a pity, because for my mind this is awful but I had to change my mind and think ok this is the life, come on. Yesterday a lot of situations happened, one not funny, I felt down to the floor because I hurt a branch and I opened my head, I can show you some pictures and I felt down maybe I lost my minds for a few seconds but I had to keep fighting for the victory to win the UTWT. I said everything can happen but I should be there and I have to run till the end.


UTWT: What does UTWT’s title represent for you?
Nuria: For me it’s very important because UTWT means a lot of things. I’m an Ultra Trail runner, this competition is involving the best proposal of trail races of the planet and for me to be there and be the Champion is amazing. I think this is a good competition in different countries, People know the races, there are all good races.

UTWT: How many races of the UTWT did you already run ?
Nuria: in two years ? 4 last year (Transgrancanaria, 100 Australia, Ultra Trail Mt Fuji and Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc) and this year Tarawera Ultramarathon, Transgrancanaria, Diagonale des fous: 7 in 2 years

UTWT: so your passport is not completed ? Do you need to discover new races ?
Nuria: Yes maybe next year I would like to discover Madeira , Eiger or Lavaredo as well. or maybe Western States because I never run in the US so. but this kind of race is not good for me, maybe it’s too flat. I don’t know, I will see

UTWT: maybe it is an opportunity to discover ?
Nuria: Yes visit US …

UTWT: What will you say to “normal” runners watching your performances as something impossible for them? What will you tell them about the Ultra-Trail World Tour ? Is it something you will suggest people to do ?
Nuria : Yes, it is a good way to discover new countries, new people and new races. This is easy because you can choose 3 races, mix vacation for a long distance and choose 2 races around your home. It is a good way to practice your sport and your hobby. It’s a good idea.

UTWT: Last question : What is the recipe to win the UTWT twice ?
Nuria: (laugh) To enjoy, enjoy every second, every moment, every day and to have a lot of passion. I really love running and the competition. We have to choose a good calendar, and health of mind and good performances. When you are running it is very important to be fit but after 70km the most important thing is the mind and then the heart to finish.

UTWT: One more question : is there a dream you have in your practice ? something you never done before, something you think about for years ?
Nuria: I really would like to win Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (laugh). This is my dream, my dream of runners. I also like alpinism, I would like to climb high mountains. The himalaya. I would like to come back to Nepal and climb. I’m not only a runner I really like climbing and I try to do both. it is important for me not only running.

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