An ultra nordic race!

An ultra nordic race !


The race NUTS Yllas Pallas, in the heart of Finland, was the first UTWT Discovery label event last weekend.

A few hundred runners found of wide-open spaces threw themselves in the 134 kilometers (3700 meters of elevation gain) on the Finnish trails, situated at the North of the polar circle!



An invitation to travel 

With the Discovery label, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour wants to invite runners from all around the world to discover unique trail running experiences. Not as many runners or elite athletes than a race of the UTWT competition, but an invitation to discover and share.

The runners were had what they deserved with this edition of NUTS Ylläs Pallas, the race based in Ylläsjärvi, city of the North-West of Finland. And the big showers did not discourage all the runners at the start. They were rewarded by amazing landscapes all along the course, sunrays and even a few reindeers for the luckiest.


15.7.2017 NUTS Ylläs Pallas

15.7.2017 NUTS Ylläs Pallas

The great North wildlife at their feet 

The international runners could enjoy a very charming nature and a very professional organisation. The race was dominated by the Spanish Hamal Villar Lazaro in 15h30, followed (more than 1 hour later) by 2 Finnish runners.

In the women race, 100% local podium with Jaana Hylkinen winning in 22h43, exactly 1 hour before Lotta Korhonen.


But it was not the essential. From the first to the last runner, each entrant has been able to discover Finland through its most beautiful trails. There was also a very friendly atmosphere all weekend long, at the start, the finish but also on all the refreshment points. The 100 finishers of the ultra distance have left Finland with their Finisher’s medal and the head full of good memories, after a race day in full sun light.


We can’t wait for a new edition NUTS Ylläs Pallas next year!


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