Elite Inside #4 feat. Nikki Kimball

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour offers support (travel, accommodation & race entries) to elite runners in collaboration with participating events.


All of the selected runners have proven to be top-notch athletes.

  • They have shown extreme endurance, both physically and mentally
  • They have respected the values of trail-running
  • They have contributed to develop the global ultra-trail community

More information about the UTWT Elite Athlete Support Program can be found HERE!


In the 2015 series of interviews, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour will give a little inside about some of the runners who received support.


This week: Nikki Kimball who will compete at the Transgrancanaria in March.




Nikki Kimball


Full Name:

Nikki Kimball











Hoka One One

3 Best Results:

  • 1st Western States 100 in 2006 (3rd overall)
  • 1st at WS 100, US national 50 mile Championships & UTMB within 9 weeks in 2007
  • 1st Run Rabbit Run and MDS in 2014

2014 UTWT Ranking: 


Goals for 2015/2016:

  • 10th Top5 finish at WS100 in 10 starts
  • Strong finishes at all UTWT races I do
  • Podium finish at Run Rabbit Run
  • Travel with the film Finding Traction and fund raise successfully for Girls on the Run and charities aimed at suicide prevention
  • Chase down another Fastest Known Time on a crazy long, technical trail


Nikki Kimball

Nikki Kimball


Best memory from trail-running:

All Sunday morning long runs in the 1980’s and early 90’s with my Holderness School and Williams College ski teammates.

Why have you chosen this sport?

I think trail running chose me. I cannot remember a life without endurance sport, given that my parents had me skiing as I learned to walk. As I grew older, I realized that I needed exercise to stay mentally healthy, so running, skiing and cycling served a critical role in my fight against depression. In the mid 90’s, as I could no longer ski in the snow-deprived city where I attended graduate school, the best sport (and the best depression medication) for me was running. We had great trails and great trail races in the Philadelphia area, so I ran. I loved it then, and I still love it now.

How long have you been running (ultra-) trail races?

16 years

Which is your favourite race of the UTWT? And why?

That’s an unfair question! Every ultra trail race has its stellar aspects. Of the UTWT races, I’ve run WS 100, UTMB and MDS, and I love them all. Of course if you ask me during a bad patch part way through my answer might be less positive.

Do you have any recommendations for preparing/running an ultra-trail?

When the race gets painful, concentrate on the beauty of the trail.

What is your favourite proverb?

..I’m not sure I have one…

Do you have a habit you always follow before a race?

Not at all.

For me, ultra running is a sport that challenge’s an athlete’s ability to be flexible. Pre-race habits would only make me nervous.

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