Elite Inside #9 feat. Julien Chorier

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour offers support (travel, accommodation & race entries) to elite runners in collaboration with participating events.


All of the selected runners have proven to be top-notch athletes.

  • They have shown extreme endurance, both physically and mentally
  • They have respected the values of trail-running
  • They have contributed to develop the global ultra-trail community

More information about the UTWT Elite Athlete Support Program can be found HERE!


In the 2015 series of interviews, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour will give a little inside about some of the runners who received support.


This week: Julien Chorier who will compete at the TNF100 Australia this weekend.



Julien Chorier



Full Name:

Julien Chorier






Website, Blog: 

Julien Chorier


Julien Chorier






3 Best Results:

  • 1st (2x) Grand Raid de la Réunion a.k.a La Diagonale des fous
  • 1st Hardrock 100 Endurance Run
  • 1st Ultra Trail Mont Fuji

2014 UTWT Ranking: 

1st season in 2015

Goals for 2015/2016:

  • A strong performance at TNF100 Australia
  • A strong performance at Western States 100 Endurance Run
  • A strong performance at Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®



Julien Chorier



Why have you chosen this sport?

If ultra-trail running seduces, it is due to its key values that make sense in today’s world. Equity, respect for one self, those around you and the environment. Fair play and solidarity are the main ethos supported by the International Trail Running Association (ITRA).

Participating in ultra-trail running is to vouch for these values, to adhere and benefit from the positive image that they generate.

How long have you been running (ultra-) trail races?

Since 2007.



Julien Chorier

Julien Chorier



Which is your favourite race of the UTWT? And why?

I hope the next!

Do you have any recommendations for preparing/running an ultra-trail?

The rigor to anticipate everything, his passion and commitment that enable him to always finish what he starts and to never give up.

What is your favourite proverb?

«One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.» – Arthur Ashe

Do you have a habit you always follow before a race?

Eating rice. 😉

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