Elite Q&A – Lucy Bartholomew

Are you able to train these days? What do you do?


In Australia, at the moment we are allowed to run outside alone and not too far from home so it’s not too bad. I am lucky to live with nice dirt roads and small trail systems so I am happy. It’s the longes to have been home in a long time so it’s making me appreciate that! The gyms are closed but I am not too sad about that haha!



When daily life will return to normal, what will be your next destination to race?


Depending on when ‘normal’ life comes, I hope to be on a plane to the Western States 100 miles in California, USA at the end of June but I prepare to be happy if that does or doesn’t happen it’s year. (Western States 100 miles is canceled in 2020)



What music do you like to listen to during a race? Why?


I like all types of music depending on my feeling. If I feel good I like energetic music to make my cadence fast and keep power. If I feel like a snail I listen to slow music and listen more to the words and the story to forget about my pace.

What’s the first thing you like to do after a race?


Sit down. Then sit down in front of food. Then sit down with my friends and family, then sit on my bed before sleeping!



What’s your best memories on the UTWT circuit?


UTWT has given me so many amazing opportunities and memories. It would be a close call between coming 3rd at the western states 100 in 2018 or winning the UTA 100k on my 21st birthday in 2017.

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