Javelina Jundred ends perfectly the 2020 UTWT circuit 💥

Last weekend was the last race of the 2020 Ultra-Trail® World Tour circuit! And what better way to end the year than with Javelina Jundred?!

The 18th edition of this race was marked by incredible performances and despite the sanitary protocol put in place by the organization, the atmosphere remained true to the race: festive!

A total of 540 runners started in waves and the elite athletes started their race at 6am on Saturday morning. They had 30 hours to complete this course made of 5 loops of 32 km.

© 2020 Howie Stern, Javelina Jundred all rights reserved. 

On the men’s side, it’s Tim Tollefson who won the race! The American led almost all the way. We couldn’t see any sign of fatigue on his face. His competitors were unable to catch up with him. But Nick Courry’s determination allowed him to finish in second position. Finally, Sean Van Horn finished third on the men’s podium, almost 2.5 hours after Tim.

But it’s the women’s race that particularly impressed us this year. An amazing plateau of elite women were in Arizona this weekend despite travel restrictions. Nicole Bitter won the women’s race, not without merit. Indeed, it is Camille Herron who led for a good part of the race. But she was caught up by Nicole who not only won Javelina Jundred 2020 but also finished third overall! Darce Clausura took the second place of the women’s podium almost 40 minutes behind Nicole. Finally, Kalie Demerjian completes this podium.

We had beautiful performances this weekend, and superb costumes aswell!

Men’s podium

Tim Tollefson – 13:28:04

Nick Coury – 14:09:48

Sean Van Horn – 16:01:10

Women’s Podium

Nicole Bitter – 15:17:47

Darce Clausura – 15:58:45

Kalie Demerjian – 16:10:47

© 2020 Howie Stern, Javelina Jundred all rights reserved.

Javelina Jundred put an end to the 2020 Ultra-Trail® World Tour circuit. Unfortunately, this year’s circuit did not look like what we had planned. This season was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many races of the circuit were not able to take place this year. However, 7 of them were held. We are grateful to these races who were able to organize their event safely and enabling this sport we love so much to rise. We also bring all of our support to the races which could not take place this year and which we dream to see again in 2021.

As you know, we recently launched the UTWT Virtual Club, a digital platform that allows you to challenge yourself all year long wherever you are, until the end of next year! Try to win one of the great gifts offered by the races of the circuit and join us wherever you are 👉  virtual.ultratrail-worldtour.com

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