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Now things are getting serious!

With his fist raised, Rachid El Morabity crossed the Finish line and claimed the Marathon des Sables title by scoring his third win in five participations. From first to last stage, the Moroccan won every step of the MDS this year. «It was not easy because there was a lot of competition this year … But I worked hard to achieve this and I am very happy with this third victory. »

In the ladies competition, a surprise came from the Swedish Elisabet Barnes who won her first title at the Sultan Marathon des Sables, after only two participations.

Start of the Marathon des Sables / Copyright: Alexis Berg

Start of the Marathon des Sables / Copyright: Alexis Berg

This anniversary edition, which offered the longest leg in its history: 91.7 km, saw these fine wins and a Men’s podium taken over by the Moroccans.

The runners taking part in the Ultra-Trail® World Tour can feel privileged and this second «Series» race allows the athletes to vie for the ultimate title, by gaining both points and experience in endurance! José Manuel Martinez (ESP) finished 6th as first European, Christophe Lesaux (FRA) 7th and Dave Mackey (USA) 12th. After having already competed in three UTWT races in 2015, Antoine Guillon, for whom this was the first participation in the Marathon des Sables, finishing 9th, takes the UTWT overall lead. «You have to have legs but also brains, he analysed. On the long stage it was relatively flat and I waited impatiently to find a little relief to be able to walk because you do not use the same muscles. In general, compared to the mountain races that I know better, I thought it would be easier to run on the flat and the dunes would be the main difficulty for me. However, the terrain is always different. One moment it’s OK, another it isn’t. It’s not easy to manage. You have to be mentally strong. The best is to set goals and deal with the difficulties, one after the other. »



Rachid El Morabity / Copyright: Alexis Berg

Rachid El Morabity / Copyright: Alexis Berg



General ranking Marathon des Sables:



  1. Rachid El Morabity (MOR), 20h21’39
  2. Abdelkader El Mouaziz (MOR), 13’44’’
  3. Aziz El Akad (MOR), 45’18’’ behind



  1. Elisabet Barnes (SWE), 26h42’13
  2. Anna-Marie Watson (GBR), 2h58’06’’
  3. Natalia Sedykh (RUS), 3h12’26’’ behind



Somewhere in the Sahara / Copyright: Alexis Berg

Somewhere in the Sahara / Copyright: Alexis Berg



The first “Future” race took place from the 9th to 12th April on Madeira


The «Future» race status, launched this year, lived up to its name. Not yet having all the criteria to enter the most emblematic trails in the world, the 7th edition of MIUT (Madeira Island Ultra-Trail®) gained more prominence with an ever-increasing public and a top-notch sports level. 375 athletes took the Start of the main course (115 Km – 6800 D +) in Porto Moniz at 00:00 where the temperature was around 16ºC.

On these particularly demanding trails, «which break the legs» and with ever changing weather, Luís Fernandes and Ester Santos Alves were the winners. Luís Fernandes is the first local runner to win in seven editions, plus scoring a course record of 14h36min!

Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® 2015

Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® 2015

Portuguese Ester Alves Santoz, 10th in the final UTWT 2014 standings, passed the Finish line after 115 km of running, with a time under 19h! A victory that crowned the Portuguese champion in front of the audience, offering the opportunity of a place in Portugal’s team for the 2016 World IAU Trail Championship!

Without any doubt, the MIUT, high, long and very technical, is going to enter the exclusive group of great global trail events…

Full results of MIUT HERE

Next stop, from 15th to 17th May, and the 5th race of the 2015 UTWT:


The North Face® 100 Australia

« Series »race

An international circuit of 11 races and shared values

1- Vibram® Hong Kong 100 China 17 and 18 January 2015
2- Tarawera Ultramarathon New Zealand 5 to 8 February 2015
3- The North Face® Transgrancanaria SERIES Spain 6 to 8 March 2015
4- Marathon des Sables SERIES Morocco 3 to 13 April 2015
5- The North Face® 100 Australia SERIES Australia 15 to 17 May 2015
6- The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra-Trail® Italy 26 and 27 June 2015
7- The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run USA 27 and 28 June 2015
8- Eiger Ultra-Trail® Switzerland 18 and 19 July 2015
9- Ultra-Trail® du Mont-Blanc® SERIES France, Italy, Switzerland 24 to 30 August 2015
10- Ultra-Trail® Mt.Fuji® Japan 25 to 27 September 2015
11- Le Grand Raid de la Réunion SERIES France 22 to 25 October 2015
Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® FUTURE Portugal 9 to12 April 2015



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