Ultra-Trail® Mt. Fuji 2019


Let’s go back to the 7th edition of UTMF which was held last week-end!


The presentation of the elites, the trail and the weather forecast happen Thursday at 5pm while we could still see Mount Fuji. But it wasn’t the case very long. In the men’s race, Xavier Thevenard was back 3 years after his participation to a smaller edition of the UTMF which was reduced and then canceled due to a bad weather. He came for revenge!


The athletes had to handle the rain, the wind, the cold and the fog from the beginning until the end of this 165 km and 7.942 M+ trail!
The race started Friday at 12pm in the south of Mount Fuji with a big fog. Since the very first kilometersXavier Thevenard and Jing Liang lead the race. They stayed close to each other until approximately 100 kilometers, moment when Xavier lead the race alone until the end, and finished one hour ahead of Jing Liang. It’s the American Loren Newman who will come to the third positiononly 36 seconds after Jing Liang! Loren came back impressively as he was still 10th at 100 kilometers!


In the women’s race, the Chinese Fuzhao Xiang lead the race all along, and won it 01h30 before the second woman.
The second and third places were defined during the last kilometers only. Indeed, the French Sylvaine Cussot was second during more than 140 kilometers, and was 45 minutes ahead on the third Lou Clifton. But eventually, Lou  Clifton and Kaori Asahara passed her and arrived respectively second and third on the women’s ranking. Thus, Sylvaine arrived in 4th position, 15 minutes after the third one.


Xavier Thevenard and Fuzhao Xiang are therefore the two winners of the 8th race of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2019. Challenge accomplished for Xavier Thevenard who finally won UTMF!





Men’s Podium


🥇 Xavier Thevenard – 19:36:26


🥈 Jing Liang – 20:39:38


🥉 Loren Newman – 20:40:14











Women’s Podium


🥇 Fuzhao Xiang – 24:20:00


🥈 Lou Clifton – 25:50:48


🥉 Kaori Asahara – 25:55:53










Unfortunately, after 27 hours of race, weather conditions got bad with a drop of temperatures and almost 10 cm of snow. It forced the organization to stop the race for security reasons.


Click here to watch the recap of the race!




Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® 2019



Once again this year, the awaited MIUT was great and exceptional athletes were there!


923 men and 128 women were at the starting line in Porto Moniz. They went for a long run through the mountains and other beautiful landscapes of Madeira.


The champion François d’Haene won the race for the second time in 13:49:36. François was in the leading group all along with major competitors: Germain Grangier and Tim Tollefson. Unfortunately, after approximately 90 km, Germain was forced to drop out because of an injury. From there, François accelerated his pace, defining a little bit more his first place. Arrived 24 minutes behind him: the Swiss Diego Pazos! He strategically stayed in the back of the leading group at the beginning of the race and then accelerated his pace to be on the podium. His strategy paid off! But as he said: “François stays the king!”Tim Tollefson finished at the third place of the podium, a few minutes after Diego.


Concerning women, the champion Courtney Dauwalter won the 2019 edition of MIUT finishing at the 10th place of the general scratch rankingCourtney stayed at the first place from Km 5 on.
The two friends Katie Schide and Audrey Tanguy arrived after her. The American and the French ran together a big part of the time. In the end, Katie left her friend behind her and took the second place of the podium. She catched up in the end thanks to her great performance on downhills. Thus, the third on the podium was the French Audrey Tanguy. The end of the race was difficult for her because she had hypoglycemiagot lost for 5-10 min andfelt! Her third place is well deserved! We’ll see her with Courtney Dauwalter at TDS, race that she won last year…



Men’s Podium


🥇 François D’Haene 13:49:36


🥈 Diego Pazos 14:13:59


🥉 Tim Tollefson 14:36:18








Women’s Podium


🥇 Courtney Dauwalter 15:17:05


🥈 Katie Schide 15:43:43


🥉 Audrey Tanguy 16:10:59










Click here to watch the recap of the race!


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