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13 Feb Tarawera Ultramarathon 2017: a flurry of records!

Tarawera Ultramarathon 2017: a flurry of records!   The second stage of Ultra-Trail® World Tour was really exciting from the beginning to the end. Americans, Jim Walmsley and Camille Herron, shattered the race record, leaving little chance for there competitors. In brief, the 455 finishers…


28 Sep Ultra-Trail® Mt.Fuji® – Results

The Ultra-Trail® Mt.Fuji® marked the 10th visit of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour in 2015.   With heavy rain before and during parts of the race, the 169-kilometer loop around Mount Fuji with more than 8.300 meters of gain was made very difficult.    Umbrellas could have been…


13 May Elite Inside #9 feat. Julien Chorier

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour offers support (travel, accommodation & race entries) to elite runners in collaboration with participating events.   All of the selected runners have proven to be top-notch athletes. They have shown extreme endurance, both physically and mentally They have respected the values…