The beautiful adventure of Ultra-Trail® Australia

The beautiful adventure of Ultra-Trail® Australia


In Australia, 1059 runners crossed the finish line of Ultra-Trail® Australia within the allocated time. These finishers ran through the beautiful landscapes and ran with the best trail running athletes of the world. At the end, Lucy BARTHOLOMEW and Tim TOLLEFSON win the race last week end.


A race with a beautiful finish:



It was meant to rain according to Australian forecast. Despite a rainy start, the sun resurfaced at the middle of the race. It accompanied the runners until the finish line and it offered them a beautiful race in the national park of Blue Mountains. In short, it was a mythic adventure for all the finishers of the Australian race.


Australian women largely dominated the race:


Australia can boast female athletes with very good talents and they have proven it on the race this week end. Nine of the best ten athletes of the race come from Australian. They largely dominated Ultra-Trail® Australia with passion and determination.


With a birthday and a race record, Lucy BARTHOLOMEW won everything this week end at Ultra-Trail® Australia. For her 21st birthday, she offered herself a beautiful gift by winning UTA100 at home in 10 hours 52 minutes and 35 seconds. Lucy impressed her competitors thanks to her precocity. She has a strong potential and we impatiently expected her on the next UTWT races to confirm her good results.


Hanny ALLSTON (AUS) could not compete with her compatriot but, with a good serenity, she secured her second place from the beginning to the end of the race.


For the third place, the battle was a little harder. Between Lou CLIFTON (AUS) and Daniela BURTON (AUS), this third place was unpredictable. The tide turned in the favour of Lou, celebrating her 47th birthday this year.


Tim Tollefson, big winner in Australia:


The American, Tim TOLLEFSON, impressed the competitors this week end in Australia. Winning the race in 8 hours and 52 minutes, he was close to the race record and he showed his talent to everyone on a fast course. With this result and his 5th place at Vibram Hong Kong 100 Ultramarathon, Tim TOLLEFSON directly integrates the UTWT Annual Ranking at the 5th place.


Rob KRAR, on his side, succeeded his come back on the Ultra-Trail® World Tour taking the second place of the Ultra-Trail® Australia, 20 minutes behind Tim. Despite the chaotic start of the race, Rob reacted and the Canadian finished the race with great emotion and determination.


The French, Aurélien COLLET, created the sensation in Australia this week end and finished at the third place. He was in front of David BYRNE (AUS), who ran an amazing race. David take the 7th place of the UTWT Annual Ranking thanks to this performance at Ultra-Trail® Australia.


Congratulations to all the finishers of the race, you are unbelievable!


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