Ultra-Trail Australia 2019


Let’s go back to the 9th race of the 2019 Ultra-Trail® World Tour circuit: Ultra-Trail Australia! It happened this week-end at the beautiful Blue Mountains Park in Australia!


The race for the men was very tight. Vlad Shatrov was leading during a big part. He was first until KM 50, closely followed by Marcin Swierc who eventually took the lead. But Vlad withdrew from the race due to injury. Jono O’Loughlin who was third during a big part of the race finished at the second place. He took part in every editions of the Ultra Trail Australia since its beginning. He was a top 10 finisher except once. Therefore, it is rewarding to watch him enter the podium of this year’s edition. He worked hard for it! Congrats! Morgan Lindqvist arrived third just a little bit more than one minute after Jono. 


The women’s race was also really tight. Amy realized a great performance leading the race. Behind her were Emma Roca and Angélique Plaire fighting for the second place. At KM 36, Emma was 7 minutes behind Amy, followed by Angélique, Fiona Hayvice and Emilie Tan. But after more than 46 kilometers, Angélique took the lead on Emma who then was third. Fiona Hayvice stayed in the top 5. Angélique and Emma fought until the end for the second place but it’s Angélique who eventually arrived second, 9 minutes ahead of Emma. Emma arrived at the third place, just one minute in front of Fiona who finished at the fourth position. Amy arrived one hour before the second woman,  an incredible performance! Congratulations Amy!


We are proud of our two elites’ athletes of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour circuit, Marcin Swierc and Emma Roca! Congratulations to all athletes who took part in this awesome race!



Men’s Podium


🥇 Marcin Swierc – 09:31:15


🥈 Jono O’Loughlin – 09:42:28


🥉 Morgan Lindqvist – 09:43:45











Women’s Podium


🥇 Amy Lamprecht – 11:03:28


🥈 Angélique Plaire – 12:05:18


🥉 Emma Roca – 12:14:23









Click here to watch the recap of the race!



Azores Trail Run 2019


The first discovery race of the 2019 UTWT circuit is finally here and it’s taking place this weekend in the beautiful island of Azores, Portugal. 


A Discovery Race of the Ultra-Trail World Tour is a trail running race of more than 100 km, inviting runners from all over the world to discover new destinations.
It is an invitation to travel with a new experience in exceptional areas. The Ultra-Trail World Tour brings you where you never thought you would go run.
UTWT Discovery races are not part of the competition – runners participating to those races do not get points for the rankings.


The Whalers’ Great Route Ultra-Trail® is located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, in the Azores, on the island of Faial.
This beautiful trail allows runners to discover amazing landscapes from the ocean to numerous forests. Running there feels like running on the moon with the black sands of the last volcanic eruption.


«You will be left with a feeling of having travelled from the earth to the moon and back». 



🏃‍♂️ 118 km


🏔️ 5390 M+


📍 Porto do Salão


📆 May 24th












Are you ready for this amazing race ?! 

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