Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2017: AN INCREDIBLE YEAR!

At the end of the year, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour closes its 2017 season. A long season that was intense and strong in emotions.


The final ranking

Even if the surprise was a little faded for the last stages of the UTWT, we know after 23 races the final ranking of the TOP 5 of the season.

On the women’s side, Andréa HUSER dominated the World Tour with 2124 points, winning 3 out of 7 races. Nuria PICAS, who notably won the Hong Kong 100 but also and especially the UTMB® finished in second place with 2000 points. Emilie LECOMTE, who run both the Marathon des Sables and the Diagonale des Fous, is in 3rd position (1813 points). Mélanie ROUSSET, 4th (1676 points) participated in Transgrancanaria HG® and TDS®. Finally, Fernanda MACIEL finished in 5th position (1615 points). The Brazilian has lined up on 5 World Tour races: Tarawera Ultramarathon, Marathon des Sables, Lavaredo Ultra Trail, the UTMB® the and finally the Diagonale des Fous. Note that this ranking takes into account the two best performances of the season and that the races are classified by categories (Bonus, Series, Pro, Challenger), the Bonus yielding the most points.


In the men ranking, Francois D’HAENE, who won MIUT and UTMB®, won the UTWT title (2000 points) ahead of Pau CAPELL (1845 points). The Spaniard participated in 4 races on the World Tour (Transgrancanaria, MIUT, Lavaredo Ultra Trail, UTMB®). In third place is Thomas EVANS (1750 points) who run the Marathon des Sables, the Eiger Ultra-Trail® and the CCC®. The American Tim TOLLEFSON is in 4th position with 1721 points having finished 1st at the Ultra-Trail® Australia, 5th in Hong Kong and 3rd at the UTMB®. Finally, the 5th is Rachid EL MORABITY. The Moroccan who won the Marathon des Sables also ran the CCC®, he finished with 1696 points.


Please find here the final ranking


UTWT Ranking 2017



The Ultra-Trail® World Tour in a few numbers

This year, 18,372 athletes have participated in at least one race of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, with 71% of finishers. They were able to discover many landscapes and run 22 races around the World! The 5 continents of which they are coming from since 104 nationalities were represented on the UTWT. The 22 Ultra-Trail® World Tour races repressent a total of 2860.3 kilometers and 125,128 meters of elevation gain, the equivalent of 14 times the Everest!

Brayden FUNK is the youngest finisher on the Ultra-Trail® World Tour. At 18, the Australian placed 620th out of 1065 at the Ultra-Trail® Australia. We wish him a long and beautiful career trail! Charlotte HUEBNER (CAN) is 19 years old, the youngest among the women to finish a race on the circuit by overcoming the Ultra-Trail Harricana (Canada).

On the other hand, the oldest finisher on the circuit celebrated its 81 springs this year. This is Claude LEONARDI (FRA). He did not just make one of the shortest races of the circuit, since he ran the Marathon des Sables and his 250 kilometers, accompanied by his grandson, Loïc! Among the  women, Sandra SCOTT (GBR) finished the CCC® at 73!


39 different elite athletes have won the first 44 places (Men and Women). Lucy Bartholomew (Ultra-Trail® Australia – Ultra-Trail® Cape Town), Nuria Picas (Vibram Hong Kong 100 – UTMB®), François D’Haene (MIUT – UTMB®) achieved the feat of winning two UTWT races. But it was without counting on the enormous performance of Andréa HUSER who thus won 3 races: MIUT, Eiger Ultra-Trail® and Diagonale des Fous.


You are now more than 143 000 to follow us on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Strava, Youtube). Big Thank you to you all !


We hope that the races of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour have allowed you to live a great adventure and to travel through the diversity of landscapes that the circuit offers.


See you on January 25th for the Awards Ceremony in Hong Kong, which will recognize the people who have scored this year 2017 and will launch the 2018 season with the Vibram Hong Kong 100 which will take place on January 27, 2018.

UTWT Data 2017

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