We told you ! This month of April is full for the Ultra-Trail® World Tour! A new program awaits you this week-end! For this occasion, we are going to Europe and in Asia for Madeira Island Ultra-Trail® and Ultra-Trail® Mt. Fuji!


Madeira Island Ultra-Trail®


Exceptional elite athletes will be present at Madeira! Will be there :
Katie Schide, Audrey Tanguy, Tim Tollefson, Diego Pazos, Hajnal Robert, Romain Olivier and many more… François d’Haene will also be back for this race he won in 2017! Will he win it again ?


It will be the first time at MIUT for the 33 years old American, Tim Tollefson. He told us that training was difficult because it was still covered with snow back home. He is still hopping for one position higher than François 😉


The 2019’s edition of MIUT will be very special because of the return of Caroline Chaverot! She couldn’t be present the last two years due to health problems, but always wanted to come back ! She says that this race is one of the most “fantastic” trail she has ever run. This season, she wants to have a place of honour again at the UTMB, race of the 2019 UTWT circuit, and why not regain her title of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour champion!


The list of elites gives you a little idea of what MIUT 2019 will look like no? An exceptional race!






🏃‍♂️ 115 km



🏔️ 7200 M+



📍 Madeira



📆 April 27th












Ultra-Trail® Mt. Fuji


This year at Ultra-Trail® Mt. Fuji, unique race which offers a 360° view on the Mt. Fujinumerous elites of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour will be present, in particular:
Tofol Castanyer, Janosch Kowalczyk and Xavier Thevenard!
Tofol wants to enter the 2019 UTWT ranking with this race and TDS but what he wants more than anything, is to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of UTMF and Mt. Fuji!


Other international elites will be present: Tomonori Onitsuka, Kimino Miyazaki, Hiroaki Matsunaga, Koji Morimoto and Coree Aussem-Woltering. You can see the list on the UTMF website!


All in all, 2400 runners will take part in this new edition of the UTMF.


This year, the UTMF will be even more sustainable. Indeed, extremely concerned about the environment, the organisers of the UTMF put in place different measures to reduce waste generation. For example, the use of wooden spoons which will then be used to feed the fire at Motosuko Ikoinomori Camping Ground. Food wastes will be put into compost bins and t-shirts offered at the end of the race will be made with recycle materials. To this is added the maintaining of the race route around Mount Fuji.







🏃‍♂️ 165 km


🏔️ 7 942 M+


📍 Fujisan Kodomo no Kuni, Japan


📆 April 26th











We will offer you live content of those two races on our social medias so make sure you’re there !


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