End of the song for Mozart 100®

It was this weekend, in Salzburg, Austria, where Mozart was born.


Departure is made at dawn, Saturday 18th June at 5:00 am, for a convivial 5th edition of mozart 100®. While men are wearing leather breeches, and women traditional dresses, this is a folk atmosphere, to say the least. And everyone is playing the game here in Salzburg. It must be said that the Austrian soccer team gets ready to face Portugal that very evening.

The sun is shining all day long and make this edition very joyful. From the heart of Salzburg’s old town to Fuschl lake, thousands of participants are crossing its rolling lush countryside scattered with farms.




The race is newly part of the Ultra-Trail World Tour and is 2nde Future race of the edition 2016. An integration which could explain this international podium this year with not less than 6 nations represented between women and men.


The men’s champion 2016 is the hungarian Gabor Muhari who crossed the finish line first after 104 km  9:14 hours. and The Queen of mozart 100® 2016, Francesca Canepa from Italy who won the Scenic 100 in a time of 10:58 hours, ahead of Ulrike Striednig and Fiona Hayvice, a promising newcomer supported by the Ultra-Trail World Tour.


Francesca Canepa article Mozart

Francesca Canepa drinking her trophy


Gabor Muhari - 1st article Mozart

Gabor Muhari and his son, with his trophy


Podium : 103 km ; D+ 2942m:

      • Hommes 1st : Gabor Muhari (Hu) 9H14’ ; 2nd : Marco Sturm (All) 9h43’; 3rd : Daniel Oralek (Cze) 9h44’
      • Femmes : 1st : Francesca Canepa (It) 10h58’ (7th scratch); 2nd : Ulrike Striednig (Aut) 11h03’; 3rd : Fiona Hayvice (NZ) 11h12’


The resuts are online !


Thank you to all participants, volunteers and sponsors for this magnificent Ultra-Trail Festival in Salzburg.


We are looking forward to seeing you next year: 17 June 2017! Save the date !

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