Azores Trail Run



The first Discovery Race of the 2019 Ultra-Trail World Tour’s circuit took place on the island of Faial in Portugal. The Whalers’ Great Route Ultra-Trail® is located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, in the Azores, on the island of Faial.
This beautiful trail of 112 km and 5000 elevation gain allowed runners to discover amazing landscapes from the ocean to numerous forests.


Men’s Podium


🥇 Leonardo Diego
🥈 Mikolaj Barysznikow
🥉 Jorge Meira


Women’s Podium


🥇 Alexandra Heintz
🥈 Vanessa Bravo
🥉 Margarida Pereira


Congratulations to all athletes who ran Azores rail Run!



Let’s go back on the VVX, flagship event of our partner Volvic


📸: Matthieu Joffres 


Last week-end took place the third edition of the Volvic Volcanic Experience, flagship event organized by our official partner Volvic. The VVX offered an athletic immersion into what is one of France’s most iconic landscapes: the Chaîne des Puys – Faille de Limagne, newly designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

It was three intense days during which athletes of all levels met on the different races. Kilian Jornet, ambassador of the brand Volvic, was there to support every runners.


Men’s Homme


🥇 Sangé Sherpa 10 :45 :29
🥈 Gregory Bouttier 11 :33 :33
🥉 Olivier Crouvizier 11 :46 :37

Women’s Femme


🥇 Sarah Verguet Moniz 12 :27 :03
🥈 Florence Beynel 14 :42 :18
🥉 Maryline Moulin 16 :25 :34


Congratulations to Sangé Sherpa and Sarah Verguet Moniz for winning the 110 km’s race!



Next races
Salomon Ultra-Trail Hungary &
 mozart 100®







This year, there are eight Discovery races on the 2019 UTWT’s circuit.


The next Discovery race of the year is taking place in Hungary this week-end!


What’s waiting for you: 112 km and 4200 M+ 💥











The program of the year is moving fast. It is now time for the mozart 100® on June 15th ! 

The mozart 100® is organised in Salzburg, UNESCO world heritage site.

The course takes the participants from the city centre in front of the Cathedral along the trail of Sound of Music through one of the most magnificent regions of Austria with its beautiful forests, meadows, hills, rivers to lake Fuschlsee and lake Wolfgangsee and back.

Once again this year, the Ultra Trail World Tour will be represented by high quality athletes. We’ll see Obara Masatoshi, Sally McRae and Teresa Nimes !






🏃‍♂️ 112 km



🏔️ 5100 M+



📍 Salzburg, Austria



📆 june 15th

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