Elite Inside #1 feat. Dave James

Elite Inside #1 feat. Dave James

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour offers support (travel, accommodation & race entries) to elite runners in collaboration with participating events.


All of the selected runners have proven to be top-notch athletes.

  • They have shown extreme endurance, both physically and mentally
  • They have respected the values of trail-running
  • They have contributed to develop the global ultra-trail community


In the 2015 series of interviews, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour will give a little inside about some of the runners who received support.


First up:Dave Jameswho will compete atVibram® Hong Kong 100this weekend.




Full Name:

David William James (Dave James)






Website, Blog:







Vitargo, Polar Global, UVU Racing, Team RWB, Ultimate Direction


3 Best Results:

  • 2012 Mozart 100K Champion in Salzburg, Austria
  • 2 Time USA 100 Mile National Champion
  • 2 Time Rainforest Run Costal Challenge in Costa Rica

2014 UTWT Ranking:

First UTWT season in 2015

Goals for 2015/2016:

Represent Team USA again on World Championship stage & continue to compete alongside the best in the world internationally.


Best memory from trail-running:

There are many but the first time I saw a glacier from above in Patagonia in 2007 when I thought it was a cloud was just absolutely incredible!

Why have you chosen this sport?

It’s more that the sport has chosen me, the great people and panoramic places are second to none!

How long have you been running (ultra-) trail races?

Almost a dozen years.

Which is your favourite race of the UTWT? And why?

UTWT has brought a sense of organization and professionalism to the sport we only dreamed of even just 5 years ago.  The partnerships they have with events around the globe will allow the best in the world to compete against each other on beautiful trails in epic places internationally! It is impossible for me to choose just one event as I have never raced west of California or east of Europe. The chance to run in Asia and maybe New Zealand and Australia and Africa has inspired me in a whole new way as an athlete!

Do you have any recommendations for preparing/running an ultra-trail?

Patience. Injury might happen, when it does, treat it, and take it in stride. There are highs and lows, ups and downs.

What is your favourite proverb?

Proverbs 4:12 « when you run, you will not stumble. »

Do you have a habit you always follow before a race?

I pray and smile, feeling thankful for being at the start line happy and healthy.

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