Elite Inside #2 feat. Dylan Bowman

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour offers support (travel, accommodation & race entries) to elite runners in collaboration with participating events.


All of the selected runners have proven to be top-notch athletes.

  • They have shown extreme endurance, both physically and mentally
  • They have respected the values of trail-running
  • They have contributed to develop the global ultra-trail community


More information about the UTWT Elite Athlete Support Program can be found HERE!

In the 2015 series of interviews, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour will give a little inside about some of the runners who received support.


This week: Dylan Bowman who will compete at the Tarawera Ultramarathon next weekend.




Full Name:

Dylan Bowman






Website, Blog:







The North Face, Hypoxico Altitude Training, Julbo, Barleans


3 Best Results:

  • 1st 2014 Sean O’Brien 50
  • 1st 2014 TNF Bear Mountain 50
  • 3rd 2014 Western States 100

2014 UTWT Ranking: 

First UTWT season in 2015

Goals for 2015/2016:

Continue to experience new races and improve as an athlete.


Best memory from trail-running:

Finishing my first 100 mile race at Leadville 2010.

Why have you chosen this sport?

I love mountains and the international trail running community. I love making new friends everywhere I go and living a healthy lifestyle.

How long have you been running (ultra-) trail races?

Since 2009.

Which is your favourite race of the UTWT? And why?

The Western States 100 because of the tradition and prestige of the event. It’s a fair course and close to my home in Northern California. It’s a very special race.

Do you have any recommendations for preparing/running an ultra-trail?

Resolve to finish under any circumstances well before you get to the start line.

What is your favourite proverb?

« To launch big ships, you have to go where the water is deep. » – Unknown

Do you have a habit you always follow before a race?

I have coffee and toast about 90 minutes before the start.

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