Grand Raid de la Réunion: next step of UTWT

25th anniversary of “la Diagonale des Fous”


La Diagonale des Fous” and “Trail de Bourbon” (La Réunion – France) take place this week, from October 19th at 10pm (local time). The 165km-long race with 10.720m of elevation gain, is one of the most difficult in the UTWT series. It crosses the island from South to North with gorgeous landscapes around the famous volcano, “Piton de la Fournaise”, and its ramparts, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. “La Diagonale des Fous” celebrates, this year, its 25th anniversary and is an iconic race of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour.


This year, the race will see the best Elite athletes competing for victory.


In the Women race, Andrea HUSER, defending champion, will be the favourite. But she must be very careful as Emilie LECOMTE, Fernanda MACIEL or Mélanie ROUSSET can also fight for the win.

In the Men race, the competition should be tight. Julien CHORIER, Jim WALMSLEY, Xavier THÉVENARD, Seth SWANSON, Diego PAZOS, CAMUS brothers, Antoine Guillon, Ludovic POMMERET and many other athletes will go on for a strong performance and try to finish in the top 3.


Trail de Bourbon” will celebrate its 18th anniversary. The distance is a good alternative to “La Diagonale des Fous”.  Yes, it is shorter and easier (111 Km; 7300m Elevation gain) but it is a solid ultra race. It goes through the island, like its sister race, with amazing views all along the course.


Both races remain strong pillars of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour and allow athletes to discover paths that push them to test their limits.


GRAND RAID (2015)-065



Top 3 in 2016:

Diagonale des Fous



1 – François D’HAENE
2-Antoine GUILLON



1-  Andrea HUSER
2-  Juliette BLANCHET
3-  Emma ROCA


Trail de Bourbon


1-Jean-Pierre GRANDIN
2- Sébastien PARMENTIER




1- Gilberte LIBEL
2-  Audrey BARSAC



Supported athletes by Ultra-Trail® World Tour


In 2017, UTWT supports Elites athletes to participate to the different races. In La Réunion, 7 athletes will be supported, 5 for “la Diagonale des Fous” and 2 for “Trail de Bourbon”.

Ultra-Trail® World Tour wishes good luck to the supported athletes and hope that their results will be positive.


Supported athletes for “la Diagonale des fous” :

  • Miguel HERAS (SPA)
  • Seth SWANSON (USA)
  • Ludovic POMMERET (FRA)
  • Tsuyoshi KABURAKI (JAP)
  • Elisabeth HOWARD (USA)


Supported athletes for “Trail de bourbon”:

  • Yeray DURAN (SPA)
  • Darcy PICEU (USA)


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