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The Ultra-Trail® World Tour, ITRA and Athletes For Transparency teamed up to put in place a health policy for all 22 races on the circuit.



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It is a set of actions aimed at increasing the prevention and protection of the health of athletes:


The ITRA Health Space


It is a collaborative platform where the runners and medical staff of the race can feed with health information, necessary to assure the smooth conduct of the race.

Medical records, medications and current treatments, results of analysis, blood group, emergency contact person or care given during the race … are all information that can help on race day to be more efficient or ease the process of rescue.


This health platform is available free of charge on the ITRA website. You simply have to create an individual account at the following address: itra.run and activate your health area.


—— I create my health space ITRA ——-


Prevention initiative regarding health 


A health prevention action is put in place for each UTWT race. This action has no vocation or competence to replace the existing national and international anti-doping regulations but is intended to strengthen the medical surveillance required by the organization.


Each runner is asked:

  • To declare on his health space any medical record and / or pathology that may increase risks during sport, the use of regular treatments or medicines and any prescription subject to a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).
  • Accept all the samples and analyzes requested (the costs are borne by the Organization).
  • Accept to answer any summons in front of the Medical Commission so as to exchange on his ability or not to participate in the race to which he has registered. –


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