How does the Ultra-Trail World Tour work ?

An international circuit with shared values

The races in the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, in their specific natures, illustrate all the diversity of trail: steep paths of the Alps, California trails, hills and beaches of Hong Kong, Moroccan desert…

The races’ many different formats present participants with a real adaptation challenge.

Between The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra-Trail® and the Tarawera 100km Ultramarathon, between the Ultra-Trail® Mt. Fuji and Transgrancanaria HG, participants need very different qualities to win, or simply to become a finisher.

While being fundamentally different, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour races have common values, which they are proud to share and to promote. Ethics, equality in sports, self-respect, respect for others, for the environment…

Taking part to the Ultra-Trail® World Tour is the opportunity, throughout the years, to discover cultural and sporting differences. Every continent is included: Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania… providing opportunities to enhance their sporting culture, create new friendships, and to feed on emotions in order, one day perhaps, to be a “finisher” in all the events!


How were the races selected?

– Trail running races of at least 100km.

– Emblematic venues.

– Popular races (around 500 runners minimum).

– International events.

– Minimum 2 realized editions.


Annual rankings for the award of the title of champion of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour proposes an international competitive circuit. Any “Finisher”, according to her/his performance, earns points.

For the annual ranking, the Ultra-Trail® World Tour takes into account the 2 best results of the year, without distinction of race category.

At the end of the year, after the last race, the titles of “Ultra-Trail® World Tour” champion, male and female. Top 5 male and female runners are rewarded in the annual ranking.


World rankings to know at all times the best runners engaged on the Ultra-Trail® World Tour

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour takes into account the 5 best results of the last 3 years to update every week the UTWT World Rankings. It encourages regularity and commitment in our series of races.



A runners’ family

The Ultra-Trail® World Tour is not only a club of amazing races, it is also a family of runners.

Participation in one of these circuit races will automatically imply integration in the rankings for the Ultra-Trail® World Tour of the given year.

The runners who have finished at least 2 different races of the series also integrate the very special finishers club.