Frequently Asked Questions UTWT

What is in it for the trail runners?

This is an invitation to travel, to cultural and athletic discovery. It is the list of the races of which one should be a finisher.
For long distance “elite” runners, it is also a great international competitive circuit.

Will there be less slots available to participate in the different races, as a part of the slots would be reserved for the Ultra-Trail® World Tour?

No. The rules of participation of each race remain the same. In some cases, it is really easy to participate, in others the waiting list is very long, which is often linked to local authorizations. The Ultra-Trail® World Tour will not change anything.

Must the Ultra-Trail® World Tour to be accomplished in one year?

Absolutely not. The Ultra-Trail® World Tour is not supposed to be run in a year. For an “average” runner, in our opinion, it is rather the adventure of a decade. Between physical and financial preparation, everyone can -and must- take the time to make the most of the cultural and sporting discovery that the Ultra-Trail® World Tour offers.

Is the Ultra-Trail® World Tour affiliated with a sports equipment maker?

No. The selected races were only chosen based on criteria such as attendance, internationalization, and their “mythical” dimensions.