Who is behind the Ultra-Trail World Tour


To manage the growth and development of the Ultra-Trail World Tour, a permanent and passionate team works at the circuit’s service:


Jean-Charles PERRIN – Development manager


In collaboration with the board, Jean-Charles handles the general development strategy of the UTWT. Jean-Charles thus approves the daily actions taken by the different actors of the team as to preserve the values of the circuit. 




Marie SAMMONS – Head of development and construction of the tour


Marie is the number one contact person of the races and elite runners, overseeing the smooth running of the Ultra-Trail World Tour competition. 

She is also in charge of the construction of the circuit.


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Florian DARRUYRE – Project coordinator and head of communication


Florian manages the communication of the UTWT. He contributes to the development of the tour by working for the maximal visibility of the circuit, of the member races and of the partners. 

He also coordonates the general actions of the circuit. He takes part to the strategic decisions.


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