Javelina Jundred: the festive race was a success!

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Halloween party!

The Javelina Jundred celebrated Halloween during the race with pumpkin and costumes contests. The opportunity to live the week-end with a festive way. Music, party, costume this edition was plenty of fun and entertainment for everybody. Almost 600 runners were at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Even the famous, Jim Walmsley, came for the party, to help out at Jackass Junction aid station, feel the good atmosphere and wish good luck to all runners.


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Reagan and Danis won the 100Miles race


The race made up one 22.3 miles loop in Escondido Trail on the far East Side of the park and four 19.45 mile loops in Pemberton, Shallmo, and Cinch Trails

Concerning Women, Nicole Kalogeropoulos racing ahead early, Larisa Dannis kept her throttle on cruise control, and that proved to be a wise move. Kalogeropoulos, injured, gave up at 100k, and Dannis took the lead and won in 16:32.

Second-place Dana Anderson went for 17:15, and third-place Stacey Buckley finished in 19:32.

1- Larisa DANNIS (USA) – (16h32min 17sec)
2- Dana ANDERSON (USA) – (17h15min 38sec)
3- Stacey BUCKLEY (USA) – (19h32min 15sec)



Patrick Reagan - Javelina Jundred


About men, Patrick Reagan made his 100-mile debut with a sensational 13:01 and blew up the record. Reagan, the 2016 IAU 100k World Championships bronze medalist, cut 29 minutes from Zach Bitter’s 2016 course record.

Zach Bitter was second in 13:52. Brendan Davies (Australia) was third in 14:04, the race’s seventh-best run ever, and in what is believed to be a new Australian 100-mile trail best.

That group of Reagan, Bitter, and Davies were together during six hours before starting to splinter.

Moreover, Davies Brendan was, for Javelina Jundred, a UTWT supported athlete. Congratulations for his performance!


1- Patrick REAGAN (USA) – (13h01min 14sec)
2- Zach BITTER (USA) – (13h52min 53sec)
3- Davies BRENDAN (AUS) – (14h04min 30sec)


Find the complete results here.

Thank you to the Javelina Jundred’s good spirit, to Jamil Coury and his organization and see you next year!



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