Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 2018 – Official Press Release

Join the mudness!


We want to invite all trail runners eager to experience a real running adventure! Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® event, which is going to take place on 12th-14th October 2018, consists of five mountain races ranging from 30 to 150 kilometres and takes part in the wild and muddy terrain of Beskid Niski (the Low Beskid Mountains).


In this year’s fifth edition, about 2,000 runners from all over the world will compete. So far the entry lists have included participants from countries such as Argentina, Israel, South Korea, Mexico, and the US, as well as from majority of European states.
The high status of the event and its superb quality has been unquestionably confirmed by the fact that Łemkowyna has become a part of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour schedule as a UTWT Discovery Race. UTWT is a series of mountain races in the most incredible places on Earth. In the mountain runners’ world, it is the equivalent of the World Cup in football. The UTWT schedule includes, among others, UTMB® in France, the Lavaredo Ultra Trail in Italy, Ultra-Trail® Mount Fuji in Japan and Western States 100 in the US. The organisers of Łemkowyna will once again endeavour to ensure that runners are provided with the very highest standards.
Łemkowyna is well known for its muddy trails of Low Beskid Mountains. It is one of the wildest parts of Polish mountains. Mix this with upredictable October weather and you get a true adventure! Runners who already finished the race were also impressed with beautiful autumn landscapes, so-called Polish Golden Autumn. All these put in the region formerly populated by mountain Łemko nation. Running here and encountering orthodox churches, shrines and abandoned villages, one can experience amny shades of Łemko culture.
The Main Technical Partner of the race is Columbia Sporstwear Company, which has for the last four years, supported, among others, the most prestigious mountain race in the world, sucha as Ultra-Trail® du Mont Blanc®.

Columbia will reward everyone who will have completed the longest race within the 35-hour limit. Our partner will also provide outfits to ensure comfort and well-being of our volunteers who often spend dozens of hours away from civilisation and warmth. Columbia, together with Fundacja Ultra, the organiser of the race, will also suggest specific products that have already been tested on the trails of Beskid Niski.


Registration for the event starts 18th January 2018, 7PM Warsaw Time at www.ultralemkowyna.pl.



Races available in the event:

Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 150 (UTWT Discovery Race) – 150 km, +5860m/-5970m, time limit: 35 h

Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 100 – 103 km, +4460m/-4460m, time limit: 22h

Łemkowyna Ultra-Trail® 70 (Poland Ultra Championships 2018) – 70km, +2520m/-2520m, time limit: 13h

Łemko Marathon 48 – 48km, +1400m/-1310m, time limit: 8h

Łemko Trail 30 – 30km, +740m/-735m, time limit: 5 h


2018 edition promo film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKLMmE5X1Hw

Further information: www.ultralemkowyna.pl

High resolution pictures available: http://www.ultralemkowyna.pl/o-nas/dla-mediow

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