Live the crazy Javelina Jundred Endurance Run!

Javelina Jundred Endurance Run


The 22nd stop of Ultra-Trail® World Tour Javelina Jundred takes place tomorrow 28th October. The 100-mile race is famous in the US for its festive atmosphere. The goal is to finish 5 laps of the loop of the course, but also to enjoy the Halloween spirit. Special prizes are award to the most original costumes and gather the runners around the same goal: the good mood!

A value that UTWT races and runners share all year long!


Javelina Jundred is a new invitation to travel, with some very unique landscapes and atmosphere in the season. The hot days and cold nights of the desert will not prevent runners from enjoying the landscapes of McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Arizona. Discover this new race of Ultra-Trail® World Tour competition, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

Top 3 – 2016:




  1. Zach Bitter (USA)
  2. Brett Sanborn (USA)
  3. Ryan Kaiser (USA)




  1. Dana Anderson (USA)
  2. Adela Salt (USA)
  3. Amy Rasor (USA)


Athletes supported by UTWT


In 2017 again, UTWT support elite runners to take part to races of the series. 2 athletes will run Javelina Jundred with UTWT support: Brendon Davies and Kamil Lesniak.

Ultra-Trail® World Tour wishes good luck to the supported athletes and hopes that their results will be positive!

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