Magdalena Laczak : Interview of a champion!


As usual, the eagerly awaited Transgrancanaria HG kept its promises! This edition was even more special as both Magdalena Laczak and Pau Capell arrived at the first place for the second time in a row. The champions came back to defend their title.
This year the course was a little bit more difficult than last year with 5 extra kilometers. But that didn’t scare Magdalena. She achieves an excellent performance with an impressive time of 16:22:56 and arrived at the first place once again.
Therefore we couldn’t miss to interview her!
The athlete told us that this year, the TGC was “mentally very hard” for her as everybody was expecting her to defend her title, which was completely knew for her. She felt “under pressure” but once the race started she focused on her race. Thus, she was happy she was able to manage her stress.
However, Magdalena struggled during the race this year. It was under an intense heat and a blazing sun that the contestants started running. Magdalena explained that she arrived to Gran Canaria one week before the race to accommodate to high temperatures which she usually likes, but this time it didn’t help her. Despite a calm start our elite didn’t lose countenance because she knew the race and knew that she had to evaluate her own strength.



““I expected Miao Yao to begin immediately with a strong pace and this is exactly what happened”



Magdalena had high level competitors for this edition but the Polish didn’t get carried away and the Chinese eventually had to pull out.



Despite everything, Magdalena was surprised with her own pace. She said she wasn’t running fast but she didn’t care about her rhythm. She knew running with a constant pace was the best option. Because of a pain at the calf, Magdalena had to slow down while going down because she didn’t want to push too much and risk the injury.



“I was thinking about the race and I wanted to finish at a good position”



For the first time, she didn’t have any pain after the race. She even told us she could have started a “heavy training session” the day right after the race! She will be back next year!



“I want to come back again on the TGC because the atmosphere is awesome and I feel at home in Gran Canaria. I just love this place”



We will see her again at the Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc and maybe at another race since she wants to gain points in the UTWT ranking.



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