Ultra-Tour Mt.Siguniang

Ultra-Tour Mt Siguniang


Ultra-Tour Mt Siguniang


101 km, 4.230 m+


UTWT Discovery Race


October 31st, 2018


Siguniang Town, China


Mount Siguniang, which is UNESCO World Natural Heritage, is a landform with glacial origin. The steep and complex landform is produced by glacier. Many Tibetans live in this area from more than 1000 years before. The main living basis is pasturage and agriculture. The harmonization of Tibetan’s life style and this landform formed beautiful nature.


The course has a total length of 101 km, and the total, accumulated height of its ascent is 4230 metres, all at an average altitude of 4088 metres. Competitors need to make it to the finish line within 32 hours; and when they do, they will have traversed four mountains and valleys and scaled a mountain pass with an elevation of 4967 metres, they will also seen many wild animals as they ran, immersed in such a desolate natural environment. Ultra-Tour Mt.Siguniang included 60K, 50K and 43K


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