The 2016 Ultra-Trail ® World Tour Ranking will be determined using the following criteria:

  • The Ranking is open to all athletes, regardless of level.
  • An athlete must complete at least two races to be included in the Ranking.
  • The best three results will be taken into account for the final Ranking, including a maximum of two results from the “Series”.
  • Both men’s and women’s Rankings will be established with similar rules.


The number of points allocated after each race will be calculated as follows:


1. Each finisher of each race of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour will be assigned a number of points obtained with the following formula:

Series: Winner Time/Finisher Time x 150

Other Races: Winner Time/Finisher Time x 100


2. An Additional Bonus will be awarded to the  “Top-Finishers” in each race.

The competitiveness of the race will be calculated by averaging the XL Category  of the ITRA ranking of the top 40 men and top 20 women taking the Start.

The ITRA ranking taken into account for each runner will be the one published on the web site ( www.itra.run) ITRA the day before the Race (see the website ITRA for more information) .

This ratio determines for Men and Women, the Level of Competitiveness A, B or C of the race based on the following grids :



The additional Bonus will be awarded to the Elite Athletes as follows :





NB: This example is based on realistic but fictitious results.  It is intended only to provide a better understanding of how to calculate the UTWT 2016 ranking.