Elite Athlete Support





 1 . Who is eligible?


  • Male elite athletes are eligible for support if they fulfill either of the following two criteria:

›ITRA Performance Index (XL Ranking): TOP140

›Podium finish (Top3) at a minimum of one UTWT event in the year preceding the year of support


  • Female elite athletes are eligible for support if they fulfill either of the following two criteria:

›ITRA Performance Index (XL Ranking): TOP 100

›Winner at a minimum of one UTWT event in the year preceding the year of support

  • Young athletes (under 25 years old) :

>ITRA Performance Index (XL Ranking) : Top 25 male and Top 20 Female


For eligibility, the ITRA XL Ranking takes into account the last UTWT event results of the year preceding the year of support.


  • ITRA Performance Index:


Should a runner notice any mistake in the ranking, may it concern personal data or the results, she/he may contact

ITRA directly to ensure a most precise database


  • To review the final results of all UTWT events, please follow the link:



  • The Top3 athletes (male & female) of the general UTWT ranking in the year preceding the year of support and all winners (male & female) of the events of the UTWT have a guarantee to be eligible for support from UTWT


  • Athletes with a higher ranking on ITRA also have a higher chance of receiving support


  • An athlete may only apply for support if she/he can commit to participate in at least 2 events of the UTWT in the year of her/his support.

This is to guarantee a higher level of competition in the final UTWT ranking, for which at least 2 results are necessary


  • In addition, the general rules incl. the ranking system of the UTWT can be reviewed under the following link:




 2 . What support is available?


  • Support may be provided for travel, accommodation and/or race entries


  • UTWT will provide travel support : up to 1000€ for athletes  participating in Series w/bonus  – Series and Pro races and travel support up to 500€ for Challenger


  • Will be concerned,  6 athletes for Series w/bonus, 5 athltetes for Series, and 4 athletes for Pro and Challenger races


  • UTWT’s aim is to support as many athletes as possible. Therefore UTWT will only distribute travel support once per athlete per year.


This is to guarantee the highest possible number of supported elite athletes and to enhance competition throughout

the participating events


  • Support of all 3 kinds(travel, accommodation and  race entrie) is available for all participating events of the UTWT.

The only exceptions are:

›No free entry support available for The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

›Free or guaranteed race entry for UTMB® may be given to athletes who have acquired sufficient points in accordance to the rules of the event (http://www.ultratrailmb.com/page/17/Qualifying_races.html?langue_affich=_en)




 3 . Who provides the support & how is it distributed?


  • While travel support is directly covered by the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, accommodation & race entries are provided in collaboration with the respective event


  • In the case of a successful application, the supported athlete will find suitable travel options together with UTWT.

The athlete must then purchase the airfares her-/himself. UTWT will subsequently reimburse the athlete


  • Accommodation and race entries are directly distributed by the respective events. UTWT will establish the contact between the supported athlete and the event organizer.



 4 . When & how takes the application process place?


  • The support application process is conducted between November and December in the year preceding the year of support.

Therefore, an athlete, who, for example, wishes to be supported in 2017, needs to apply in November/December of 2016


  • All eligible athletes are contacted via email before the application process commences


  • Due to changing email addresses of the athletes, UTWT may not be able to reach some of them.

Thus, it is the athlete’s responsibility to make sure she/he is included in the process.

He/she may therefore get in touch with UTWT. Please refer to contact details below


  • UTWT will then distribute individual access to an online application process



 5 . When & how are the supported athletes selected?


  • The selection of the athletes who are supported is conducted by the Ultra-Trail® World Tour in collaboration with the event organisers


  • Ideally the selection process is finalized within the first 3 weeks of January



 6 . When are the athletes notified?


  • Only successful applicants will be notified


  • The notification may be done via email or phone


  • Should an athlete not have received any further notice from UTWT by the end of January, she/he will most likely not receive support that year.

The only exception may be the withdrawal of another supported athlete



 7 . What do the athletes have to do in return?



  • As mentioned above the athlete must commit to participate in at least 2 events of the UTWT in the year of her/his support


  • The athletes has to sign the Athletes/UTWT agreement, provided by UTWT once the athlete is selected. This agreement lists basics requirements of UTWT and the race to assure good and efficient communication (communication on social networks, presence at the Press Conference, presence at the race prize giving ceremony…)


  • The athlete may have to wear a little piece of identification during the race, for which she/he is supported,

to display that support from UTWT was received (e.g. wristband or a similar small item)


  • There is no long-term affiliation between UTWT and the supported athlete. And UTWT has no direct connection to any sports brand.

The athlete may therefore wear and use gear of any of her/his other sponsors in the race




For further information elite athletes & team managers may contact: