Elite Women – 2016

They run the Ultra-Trail World Tour this year*!

(ITRA Performance Index XL Category)


Rory BOSIO – PI 806

From: USA




From: Spain



Janessa TAYLOR – PI 767


From: USA
Trailrunner since: 1991


Program: 100 Miles of Istria, April
Western States, June
UTMB, August
and Bandera 100k
Zane Grey 50
Ice Age 50

Best memory on a trail: Having my parents at the finish line as I made All State my senior year in high school. A more recent one would be completing my first 100, Mountain Lakes. It was a really great day on the trails.

The race she would dream to win: Hard to choose….Currently my focus is Western States & UTMB. Tarawera & Bighorn are on my radar as well.



Joelle VAUGHT – PI 742


From: USA
Trailrunner since: 2001


Program: Possibly UTMB, August
Ultra Trail Harricana, September
and Zion Traverse FKT, April
Smith Rock Ascent, May
Scout Mountain 50, June
Squamish 50, August
North Face 50 mile Championships, San Francisco, December


Best memory on a trail: I have so many good memories. One of the best was winning the 100K US Championships and having my son run across the finish line with me !


The race she would dream to winI love to win Hardrock 100 (I would have to get into it first!!)



Julia BOETTGER – PI 653


From: Germany
Trailrunner since: 2006


Program: 100 Miles of Istria, April




Best memory on a trail: Tor des Geants – just so beautiful and the organisation was friendly and perfect. I had a perfect race.


The race she would dream to win: There is no particular race I would like to win. When I race I am trying to do my best and to win. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. The most important thing is to enjoy the race, the landscape and the atmosphere.



Marta FISHER – PI 678


From: USA


Program: UT Harricana 125k, September
Smith Rock 50k, May
NUT 100k, June
White River 50 m, July
Waldo 100k, August

Best memory on a trail: My first ultra, the HURL Elkhorn 50k, really stands out. In the morning, there was the excitement and uncertainty of trying something new. As I ran, I became more confident and ended up setting a course record.


The race she would dream to win: For a race, I’m most dreaming about Hardrock 100. For a (non-race) running adventure, I’m looking forward to running the Wonderland trail around Mt. Rainier.

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Fiona HAYVICE – PI 686


From: New Zealand
Trailrunner since: 2013


Program: Tarawera Ultramarathon, February
Ultra-Trail Australia, May
Mozart100, June
Eiger Ultra-Trail, July

Race results 2016 :
Tarawera Ultra Marathon, NZ (100km) 1st
Ultra-Trail Australia, AU (100km) 2nd


Best memory on a trail: Tarawera Ultra Marathon 2015 is etched in my memory. It was a major turning point in my running career. I raced 100km for the first time; crossing the finish-line in under 10 hours (breaking the course record) and placing 4th female (20th overall), only minutes behind the reigning female UTWT Champion (Nuria Picas). I’d prove to myself that I could mix it up with the best in the world!

The race she would dream to win
: Ever since I started competing in Ultra-Trail races, I’ve been dreaming bigger than big. Hence, even though I’ve not tackled 100-Miles yet, I’m driven to race (and win) the the holy grail of 100-Milers, Western States 100. If I am successful, I’ll be floating for months!



but also Caroline CHAVEROT – Ruth CROFT – Alissa SAINT-LAURENT – Andrea HUSER – Ruby MUIR – Fernanda MACIEL – Li DONG



*To be a finisher of the UTWT you need to finish 2 member races.

The general ranking of the UTWT is the sum of the 3 best results of the year.