Tarawera Ultramarathon 100km – Results


The 2nd step of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2015 is complete.


When the runners headed into the Redwoods close to Rotorua on New Zealand’s north island last Saturday conditions were ideal.

Opposed to last year’s tropical cyclone Lusi, the 2015 edition presented itself in beautiful running weather with blue skies and temperatures around 15-20 °C.


Just before the start - ©Alexis Berg UTWT

Just before the start – Tarawera Ultramarathon – ©Alexis Berg UTWT

Though the Tarawera Ultramarathon is known to be a rather fast 100km ultra, most spectators probably did not anticipate the time that Dylan Bowman (USA) eventually finished in, winning the event in a new course record of 7:44:58.


Dylan Bowman first men ©Alexis Berg UTWT

Dylan Bowman first men ©Alexis Berg UTWT

Jorge Maravilla, second men ©Alexis Berg UTWT

Jorge Maravilla, second men ©Alexis Berg UTWT

Let’s go over that time again: 7:44:58!

That is about a 4:40min average per KM. And remember, Dylan ran this on partly quite technical trails including roughly 3,000m of elevation gain. We are in awe!


Runner-up was Jorge Maravilla (USA) in a time of 8:01:45. Yoshikazu Hara (JPN), a 24h-event specialist, completed the podium after 8:12:14.




Ranking Family name Name Nationality Birthdate Team/Club Time
1 BOWMAN Dylan USA 1986 The North Face 07:44:58
2 MARAVILLA Jorge USA 1977 Hoka One One 08:01:45
3 HARA Yoshikazu JPN 1972 Hoka One One 08:12:14
4 ARMSTRONG Vajin NZL 1980 Macpac 08:26:50
5 WARDIAN Mike USA 1974 Hoka One One 08:32:38
6 BARTOLO Pau ESP 1978 Buff 08:42:46
7 BRITTON Robert GBR 1986 Inov-8 08:45:10
8 TRUSCOTT Chris AUS 1974 New Balance 08:58:17
9 HANCY Anthony NZL 1984 Hoka One One 09:08:26
10 RAMONAS Andrius LTU 1982 Salomon 09:12:48



For the women, New Zealand local Ruby Muir proved her fantastic form in a time of 9:02:45 after battling injuries in 2014. She placed 9th overall.

Ruth Croft (NZL) followed not much later in 9:14:36 and ultra-trail legend Núria Picas-Albets (ESP) rounded it up in 9:40:49.


Ruby Muir, first women ©Alexis Berg UTWT

Ruby Muir first women ©Alexis Berg UTWT




Ranking Family name Name Nationality Birthdate Team/Club Time
1 MUIR Ruby NZL 1991 09:02:45
2 CROFT Ruth NZL 1989 The North Face Taiwan 09:14:36
3 PICAS-ALBETS Nuria ESP 1976 Buff Pro Team 09:40:49
4 HAYVICE Fiona NZL 1975 09:57:33
5 KOWALEWSKI Kovo NZL 1984 09:57:45
6 STEPHENSON Shona AUS 1978 Inov-8 09:59:58
7 HOLLEY Jackie NZL 1974 10:15:54
8 VAUGHT Joelle USA 1974 10:24:57
9 BARNEY Lucie AUS 1985 10:34:13
10 BEAUMONT Jean NZL 1964 10:46:29



In the overall ranking of the UTWT Dylan Bowman is now in a shared 1st place with Vibram® Hong Kong 100 winner Long-Fei Yan.

For the women Ruby Muir drew level with Pui-Yan Chow in 1st.


Though the first 2 events were only weeks apart we are already seeing some determined runners finishing both of them and therefore also ranking high in the overall results.

Keep up the great work!


The full results of the 2015 Tarawera Ultramarathon 100km as well as the overall UTWT ranking are now available HERE!


Dylan Bowman ©Alexis Berg UTWT

Dylan Bowman ©Alexis Berg UTWT- Not far from the finishing line

NEXT UP: The North Face® Transgrancanaria

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