Tarawera Ultramarathon: 2nd Stage for Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2017

Tarawera Ultramarathon: 2nd Stage for Ultra-Trail® World Tour 2017


Tarawara Ultramarathon promises to be great this year with no less than 619 participants on the start line. Concerning Elites, Jonas Buud and Fiona Hayvice will be there to defend their title. Who will be the big winners 2017 of this UTWT second race? 


An exciting competition:


Jonas Buud wants to achieve last year result in New Zealand but his competitors have only one thing on their minds: to finish at the first place for this beautiful race. A lot of runners can achieve this objective like the champion Gediminas Grinius (1st at the UTWT World Ranking), the outsider Jim Walmsley, the connoisseur David Byrne or the incredible Michael Wardian (7 marathons in 7 days).


For the women, competition will be very hard. Fiona Hayvice (19th at the UTWT World Ranking) will have to be at the top of her form to keep her crown in front of the formidable Magdalena Boulet or the outsider Camille Herron. To not forget Brazilian girl Fernanda Maciel (6th at the UTWT World Ranking), who have already incredible results on the Ultra-Trail® World Tour.


How to follow the race?


619 runners will try to complete the 102-km long and 2.750-meter elevation gain race. First start is at 6AM (local time) on Saturday, 11th February. A few useful links to follow the race:


The supports of UTWT:


For this 2nd race of the season, Ultra-Trail® World Tour, thanks to its program, supports two talented athletes: the Lithuanian Gediminas Grinius and the Canadian Alissa St. Laurent. She can create surprise in New Zealand. An amateur runner, Fatudin Mohd, also benefits from the support of UTWT thanks to a lottery organized in November 2016.


Good luck to them and to all the runners!

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