The gold seekers of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run

The gold seekers of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run


353 runners will be present on the start line of The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run this year. 353 participants, who will be lucky to run on the path of the first gold seekers. A meeting with history, an exceptional adventure and a friendly atmosphere are expected by the athletes of this mythical race. The best Elite athletes are part of this adventure for our great pleasure.



A unique race, at the heart of California:


The Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run is not an ordinary trail running race. The 44th edition of the American race proves that it is the oldest long-distance race in the world calendar. For the athletes, it is a honor to be on the start line.


This race is typical thanks to its history, that takes us back to the California Gold Rush, thanks to its authentic course and thanks to a familial and relaxed atmosphere. between the ski station of Squaw Valley and the city of Auburn, the runners will travel 100 miles to be finishers. They will cross the historical tracks and they will face a downhill course with serious hills.


In the country of Uncle Sam, the heat of the Californian sun will be an important factor. Only the best athletes can resist.


An unbelievable race on the women side:


At the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run this year, the level is amazing. Between the experienced athlete, the promising young ladies, the old winners, and the best athletes of the world, it is no easy matter to decide on the potential winners.


Kaci LICKTEIG (USA) will be there to defend her title in California this year. She knows the course very well and she will be difficult to beat on her playground. 6th in 2014, 2nd in 2015 and winner last year, Kaci has big chances to win the race at home.


She will have to be careful of her four American compatriots, who are in a good shape and want the first place of this legendary race. Camille HERRON (USA) won Tarawera Ultramarathon in February and she won Comrades Marathon in South Africa a few weeks ago. She will be a formidable opponent. Magdalena BOULET (USA) has already won the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run in 2015 and she is ready to repeat the feat like Stephanie HOWE (USA), who won the race in 2014. Amy SPROSTON (USA) is used to take the second places on Ultra-Trail® World Tour (2nd at Western States in 2016 and 2nd at Ultra-Trail® Australia in 2014) and she has only one way to improve.


At the international level, the list of the Elite athletes is also raised. Andrea HUSER (SUI) is certainly the athlete to beat this year. 2nd at Transgrancanaria HG and winner of the famous MIUT, she is currently at the second place of the UTWT Annual Ranking. It is her first time on the Californian floor and we can’t wait to see that. Fiona HAYVICE (NZL) and Alissa ST LAURENT (CAN) are also to watch because they can make the difference on this kind of course.


Amazing male athletes at the start of the race:


It can be noted that the level of the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run is amazing this year with some well ranked athletes from last year. The French Thomas LORBLANCHET (4th last year) and the British Paul GIBLIN (5th last year) love the race and they want to do better this year.


But the incontestable favorite, Jim WALMSLEY (USA), will be on their road. At home, in the United States, he comes in a good shape and wants to confirm his good beginning of the season on the Ultra-Trail® World Tour with his victory at Tarawera Ultramarathon and a race record. He is fast and technical and especially loves this race.


The French Erik CLAVERY (6th at the UTWT World Ranking), the Swedish Jonas BUUD, the Australian David BYRNE and the South African Ryan SANDES have all a huge track record on the Ultra-Trail® World Tour and they are potential winners of the American race. This will be interesting to watch.


How to follow the race?


First start is at 5AM (local time) on Saturday, 24th June. A few useful links to follow the race:


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