Stu Gibson and Nuria Picas win The North Face 100 Australia

Stu Gibson and Nuria Picas win The North Face 100 Australia

The 6th stage of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour happened this 17th of May in Australia.


The North Face 100 Australia is a 100 Km run into the heart of the Blue Mountains National Park, a listed World Heritage Area.


In the men’s field, local Stu Gibson (AUS) won in a finishing chute sprint, edging out Andrew Tuckey (AUS) with Brendan Davies (AUS) following shortly afterward.


The finish was a tough competition in itself, as after a 9:31:11 race, Stu Gibson won by a nail biting 2 seconds! 


In the women’s field, Nuria Picas (ESP) totally dominated, finishing in 10:57:46 almost an hour ahead of very tough competitors, Joelle Vaught (USA, 11:45:15) and Fernanda Maciel (BRA, 11:47:52). Picas only made the decision to enter this race recently after her victory on the 5th stage of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour, the Ultra-Trail® Mt. Fuji. Charging up the global rankings table of the Ultra-Trail® World Tour has become one of her main objectives this season, and she is certainly doing that. 


More than just competing locally and drawing the accolades of their local communities, the UTWT is intended to give athletes such as Picas a chance to shine on a bigger stage, and is indeed doing that in 2014.


Congratulations to all runners. We appreciate your support and hope to see many of you again soon.




1 Stu Gibson AUS 9:31:11

2 Andrew Tuckey AUS 9:31:13
3 Brendan Davies AUS 9:43:10

4 Jonathan O’Loughlin AUS 9:53:30
5 Ben Duffus AUS 9:56:16




1 Nuria Picas ESP 10:57:46
2 Joelle Vaught USA 11:45:15
3 Fernanda Maciel BRA 11:47:52
4 Gill Fowler AUS 11:56:01
5 Claire Walton UK 12:05:30

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