The runners of mozart100® resonated in all Salzburg this year

The runners of mozart100® resonated in all Salzburg this year



Salzburg, this year, vibrated by the sound of mozart100®. With more than 1000 participants, who came from 50 different countries, the city of Mozart, of music, of art and culture showed its international character. Regarded as the 10th step of Ultra-Trail® World Tour, the event is a meeting place for trail running.


The start with no false notes:


As before each concert, the tension is right here for the runners of mozart100®. It is 4.45am and they are more than 300 on the start line. Between the fatigue and the excitation of the race, the runners have very different feelings but they are concerned about one thing and one thing only: to finish the 105 kilometers of the race and to face the 4 600 meters of elevation gain.


It is 4.55am and the pressure is very strong. In just 5 minutes, the runners will rush forward the mountains and the lakes around Salzburg. And around the city, the mountains are everywhere. On the left, on the right and behind, we are seeing the beautiful hills. It means a lot on the beauty of the race but also on the difficulty of the event.


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 … When zero is reached, the alarm rings. The runners know the sign. The first will be there in 10 hours and the last will cross the finish line in more than 20 hours.


The crescendo finish:


Under the brutal sun, the first runners are arriving on the Staatsbrücke bridge, just before the finish line. The sight of the bridge is a release for the runners because they know they will be finishers in few meters. They already crossed the Kapuzineberg hill and they are crossing the Salzach by contemplating the Hohensalzburg fortress. They will not forget this unbelievable moment.


This year, on 301 participants to the longest race of mozart100® only 193 runners accomplished the feat to be finisher of the famous Austrian race. They received a warm welcome by the spectators and the tourists, who were intrigued by the event.


Cecilia Flori, the muse of mozart100®:


The female race has been very intense this year. At the beginning of the race, we could not expect what was going to happen for Cecilia FLORI (ITA). Indeed, for the first dozens of kilometers Kath CARTY (AUS) and Simona MORBELLI (ITA) led the race. They dominated until almost the finish but Cecilia FLORI had some impressive strength to come back. The 3rd of Tarawera Ultramarathon in New Zealand is in a good shape this year and she surpassed all her competitors to finally win the race leading only by 2 minutes Simona MORBELLI.


Simona, supported by UTWT for this race, secured her 2nd place. The Australian, Kath CARTY finished 3rd and despite her fears of the elevation, she overcame the climbs of the race. She directly enters at the 13th place of the UTWT Annual Ranking thanks to her performance at Tarawera Ultramarathon (9th).


Alexander Rabensteiner, the conductor:


On the men side, the level was high and Csaba NEMETH, the double winner, came in Austria to defend his title. But his competitors did not agree with that. With a different course, longer and steeper, Alexander RABENSTEINER (ITA) succeeded. He was flying on all the course to win the race in 10h26m55s.


Harry JONES (GBR), despite his young age, already has a consequently track record in trail running and his 2nd place at mozart100® is a big satisfaction. Csaba NEMETH is only 3rd but the disappointment has quick disappeared to feel joy for the Hungarian. The joy to have finished the race and the joy to be on the podium among international athletes.


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