Transgrancanaria HG 2017 – Over 2000 registered runners

Press release Transgrancanaria HG




With four months to go for the start of the race, which will be held from the 22-26 February, there are already 2.200 registered runners

The registration period for Transgrancanaria started the last 5th of July. Since then, the madness for Transgrancanaria has been a blast. The event will be held during the last week of February, from the 22nd to the 26th, and the list of runners is already over 2.200 considering all the different distances the race offers: Transgrancanaria 125 km, Advanced (82 km), Marathon (42 km), Starter (30 km) and Promo (17 km).

In addition, Transgrancanaria introduced this year a new challenge, the 360º race, where the runners will have to complete 265 kilometers with a positive elevation of 16.500 meters around the island. This challenge will be limited to 100 participants, selected considering the physical and technical abilities which are needed for this kind of adventure. Nowadays, 90% of the bibs are already sold, with runners from 19 different nationalities already registered in the 360º race. Amongst them, really top experienced runners such as Marina Plavan, Christophe Le Saux, Felipe Artigue, Pablo Criado, Nicole Ribera or Brigid Wefelnberg.

The registration for the event is being a huge success also in the nationalities which will be represented in the race one more year. Today, 54 different countries from the 5 continents are already listed in Transgrancanaria, with runners coming from Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, Singapure, Slovenia, Japan, Mexico, Maldiva, South Africa, Hong Kong…

Another modification for the next edition of Transgrancanaria is the change of the Marathon’s date, which will be held on Friday instead of Sunday, as it is a really high demmanded race which will have its own day for a major prominence. With still four months to go, it is the race with the highest amount of listed runners, with 600 participants already registered.

The families will have another chance to be part of the race with the Family Trans, which had its first experience in the last edition. There are currently 21 families registered, which will have a unique opportunity of enjoying nature and sport together in the trails. The adults may fill the race entry and register one or more kids with them, and participate in the 17 km course from Ayagaures to the finish line in Expomeloneras.

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