The 20th edition of the Transgrancanaria HG, 3rd race of the 2019 Ultra-Trail® World Tour circuit and 1st Series Bonus race, just ended under the sun of the Canary Islands. And once again, the Polish Magdalena Łączak and the Spanish Pau Capell won the race!






This year again, it was a very tight race for the women.

After leading the race for 50 kilometers, Miao Yao withdrew, passed by Magdalena Łączak.
Magdalena will be followed closely by the American Kaytlyn Gerbin and the Brazilian Fernanda Maciel until kilometer 100 before moving ahead.

She will finally finish the race in 16 : 22 : 56 with a little bit more than 12 minutes over Kaytlyn.

Concerning Kaytlyn and Fernanda, they stayed close for a while, but Kaytlyn will distance herself from the Brazilian and finish the race with almost 30 minutes over her. Fernanda finished third of the race (she was sixth last year).






This year again, the incredible level of the athletes was predicting a tight race. But in the end it’s the undefeated Pau Capell, champion of the UTWT 2018, who won the TGC for the third straight time!

Pau Capell and Hayden Hawks led the race until kilometer 30, followed by Tony Moulai, former French triathlete. At kilometer 40, Hayden was leading, followed by Pau, Pablo Villa in 3rd position, Julien Chorrier in 4th and Cristofer Clemente in 5th position.
But Pau will eventually pass Hayden and lead the race after 50 kilometers, he arrives first at Roque Nublo, at kilometer 87.  Hayden will be passed by Pablo, 3rd of the race and Cristofer, 4th, before withdrawing. Despite a good start, he won’t be able to finish the TGC.

Thus, Pau Capell wins the race with over 50 minutes in front of Pablo Villa. He realizes exactly the same time as last year with running 4 more kilometers! This race gave him “lots of good sensations” and he didn’t weaken over the difficulty of the trail and the level of the other runners. He said he felt good physically from the beginning to the end.

Again, Cristofer Clemente ends the race in 3rd position, 10 minutes after the second.

Congratulations to Peter Van Der Zon as well who is in 5th of the race. He was 21st last year!



Women Ranking

Magda Łączak (POL) – 16 : 22 : 56
Kaytlyn Gerbin (USA) – 16 : 35 : 08
Fernanda Maciel (BRA) – 17 : 03 : 33

Men Ranking

Pau Capell (SPA) – 12 : 42 : 40
Pablo Villa (SPA) – 13 : 31 : 37
Cristofer Clemente (SPA) – 13 : 42 : 54



You can watch the recap of the Transgrancanaria HG 2019 here



The next races of the 2019 UTWT circuit will take place in April, and it’s about to be a pretty dense month:

  • 100 miles of Istria
  • Patagonia Run
  • Penyagolosa Trails
  • Madeira Island Ultra-Trail®
  • Ultra-Trail® Mount Fuji


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