Two spanish on the first step of the podium at Transgrancanaria HG !

The third race of the 2020 Ultra-Trail World circuit took place this weekend on the beautiful island of Gran Canaria.


On Friday at 11 pm, athletes embarked on a crazy race that crosses the island from north to south.


Many top athletes were present, including Pau Capell who was back to put his title into play.

This was Kaytlyn Gerbin’s year: the American won the Transgrancanaria HG with a 39-minute lead over her time from last year, when she finished second. She crossed the finish line with a big smile on her face. 
China’s Fuzhao Xiang was second, 11 minutes behind the American. 
Finally, Azara Garcia made it to the lowest step of the podium. The Spaniard arrived 17 minutes after Kaytlyn and 6 minutes after Fuzhao.

Women’s Podium


1. Kaytlyn Gerbin – 15:14:40

2. Fuzhao Xiang – 15:25:41

3. Azara Garcia – 15:31:37


On the men’s side, the 2020 edition of the Transgrancanaria HG allowed us to live a touching moment when defending champion Pau Capell did not cross the finish line alone. The two Spaniards Pau Capell and Pablo Villa arrived together, a never-before-seen moment! So this year, there were two winners of the Transgrancanaria HG and both were awarded 1500 points in the overall ranking.


Dylan Bowman completed the podium crossing the finish line 36 minutes after the two Spaniards.


Men’s Podium


1. Pau Capell & Pablo Villa – 13:04:11

3. Dylan Bowman – 13:40:29

Check the race rankings here!

Next race of the 2020 UTWT circuit: Patagonia Run


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See you on April 3rd for the next race of the 2020 Ultra-Trail World Tour circuit, the Patagonia Run! This magnificent race takes place in Argentina. On the program, 100 miles and more than 9000 meters of elevation gain. As a reminder, this race is classified UTWT 500, therefore the winner will earn 500 points in the overall ranking!


Overall Ranking


Pau Capell remains at the top of the ranking after this third race of the 2020 circuit of the Ultra-Trail World Tour with 6850 points. Behind him, Jing Liang with 3650 points followed closely by Gediminas Grinius with 3600 points. 

On the women’s side, Courtney Dauwalter is still first overall with 5500 points, closely followed by Kaytlyn Gerbin who now holds 5450 points. Fuzahoa Xiang is now third overall with 5200 points.

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