Ultra Tour Mount Siguniang – The second UTWT Discovery in China

Founded in 2014, Ultra Tour MT Siguniang will take place next week in its third edition. It has been hold in the first week of November (From 1st to 4th) for each year at the region of the Mt Siguniang. The starting stage of the event is around the Siguniang Mountain, which combines the characteristics of fast climbing and trail-running. It encourages participants to learn technical skills and safe mountain experience. It’s recognized as an advanced race.


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What is the Ultra Tour Siguniang?

Guided by the authority of the Tibetan autonomous and Qiangs region of Aba, organized by the office of the tourist site of the Mt Siguniang, bureau of sports of the region, the district authority of Xiaojin, the committee of tourism development of the region, they all have confidence to make the Siguniang mountain as a paradise for fans like Alps.

Ultra Tour Siguniang 2017 has several attractive points, the most remarkable point is that the race of 100 km will combined the climb Hai zi gou bridge, flat chang ping gou with Da yan gou qiao together. It will challenge the patience of athletes by duration and distance. This group is selected in international UTWT Discovery series, with its extraordinarily beautiful environment.



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Ultra Tour Siguniang 2017 is a atypic ultra trail running as a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to trail-running runners, the participants also include a large number of enthusiasts for mountaineering, outdoor hiking and riding. The tournament, will rank in High Country Festival of Siguniang consisting of several events: conference of Up To 6250 share the adventure kendal in Mt Siguniang performances of songs and dances, Tibetan Jiarong, photographic exhibitions and concerts in the local.

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Great Athletes in UTMS

The group of 100 km, which belongs to the discovery series of the global Trail-running tour UTWT, has attracted a lot of trail-running enthusiasts from more than 10 countries all over the world. The 2016 UTWT Champion Gediminas Grinius and  Jason Schlarb, 2016 Hard Rock 100-mile champion, will all come here. They will enjoy the charm and the unique culture of the Siguniang Mountain.

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Luo Jing, a female climber bagged 13 8000 meters mountain, extra-long distance trail-running is another experience for her. Qu Lijie, female runner finish UTMB and TDG, will challenge the 100 km group, and such dialogue can only be achieved in Siguniang Mountain.

Xing Ruling, the first Chinese female to complete UTMB, first Chinese to stand on the UTMB podium. She will compete with the Chinese and foreign players in the 60 km group competition.


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Meredith Edwards from Wyoming, Jackson, She achieved good results at 2016 TDS and 2015 CCC. She was also a representative of the American sky race runner and the American Ski mountaineering team.

Ultra Tour Siguniang has made safety and service as the core concept of implementing events for three years since it was founded. The strict registration qualification and high altitude outdoor experience are the conditions for every applicant.

The main requirements; perfect high altitude emergency rescue and medical logistics system; the luxury lineup continues to highlight the volunteer team, they are all attracting reasons for overseas participants to experience the culture of Siguniang Mountain.

More than 800 runners from 21 nationalities and they will start towards mountains in the early morning of 4th November. With the increase in altitude, they will see the beautiful scenery, and mountain. This view is the beginning of the beautiful age of the beautiful china.

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