Ultra-Trail Australia – The Australians on the podium!

Ultra-Trail Australia – The Australians on the podium!


Last weekend took place the 11th edition of the Ultra-Trail Australia, 10th race of the 2018 Ultra Trail World Tour.
The Australians knew how to represent their country, since 5 Australians filled the 6 places of the podiums (Women & Men).

It was on a course of a little more than 100 kilometers with 4,400 meters of elevation gain in the middle of the sumptuous National Park of Blue Mountains that everything went down. Fresh and early start for the race, because it is at 6:20 under temperatures that went down to -4 ° C that the first waves of runners departed! But all that did not bother runners who were all well prepared.


Back to the top 5 years later


Brendan Davies, the Blue Mountains resident, made his grand return to the podium by winning this 11th edition, 5 years after winning it for the first time in 2013. He managed to take a little over 6 minutes ahead of the second, also Australian, Ben Duffus. Harry Jones, the only non-Australian on the podium, finished the race in 09 hours and 36 minutes.

Brendan Davies (AUS) – 09:18:10
Ben Duffus (UK) – 09:24:32
Harry Jones (AUS) – 09:36:05


Australian domination at the women’s


In the top 10 women, only one Irish runner has managed to slip among the Australians! The women’s podium is 100% Australian, led by Kellie Emmerson who finished the race just 9 minutes before the second Jessica Carroll, while the third, Amy Lamprecht, arrived 1 hour after Jessica!


Kellie Emmerson (AUS) – 11:05:48
Jessica Carroll (AUS) – 11:14:39
Amy Lamprecht (AUS) – 12:15:57


The last word, for Alf.



“Never give up”, here’s what’s written behind Alf’s card. He is one of the oldest participants (75-year-old) of the Ultra-Trail Australia, who managed to finish the 100 kilometers, and who reminds us that with a little determination and hard work we can all make it and he is the very example.


So, congratulations to him and to all the finishers of the Ultra-Trail Australia!


Photos: Kurt Matthews Photography & Lyndon Marceau

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